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  • The worst company to purchase a car from, stay clear of them

    • By Riad Kassar,
    • Orlando, FL,
    • Feb 26, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    Do NOT buy any cars from this company, even if it is free! I have to say this is one of the worst companies I have ever done business with.

    You cannot get any customer service whatsoever. My sales representative Luis Williamson was perfect in all matters of the sales and continues to try and help me, but his customer service staff have got to be the worst on the planet once a sale is made absolutely no support whatsoever.

    I have tried to talk with a manager on many occasions no one will call you back. It's pointless trying to reach a manager or supervisor - they seemed to be trained to ignore you.

    From the delivery to trying to get my registration documents (now almost five months as I still do not have my registration documents and no help from them is figuring out where it is). This has been going on since November 2017.

    You get tons of emails saying they are looking into things and then they disappear. No replies. I have emailed customer support over 30 times each time I get this message from Kim Miyaki-Irish Customer Support Associate:

    "Thanks for getting in touch with VROOM. This email is to let you know that we've received your request, Untitled ticket 81129. Our Customer Support team has been made aware, and we'll get back to you with an update very shortly."

    January 2018, still no reply.

    "Thank you for contacting Customer Support. I apologize for the delay in getting your information from the DMV. I am forwarding your information to our titles department for review. Once they have had a chance to look into this for you, someone from there will reach out to assist you further on this issue.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to give us call, or you can simply reply back to this email.


    Sidney Stephens

    Customer Support Associate

    We appreciate your patience and look forward to promptly resolving this issue."

    So, this is my review: If you are thinking of buying a car from Vroom, stay well away. Don't even consider it. Pay the extra few percent to a dealer. Even with all the hassle you may experience at some dealerships it is not a patch on the headaches and frustrations you will get buying a car from Vroom.

    A very, very dissatisfied customer.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Miserable experience

    Overall Experience:

    Where do I begin?

    Do not, I repeat, DO NOT buy a car from this company! Trust the reviews; they are rated poorly for a reason!

    I decided to purchase a Smart Fortwo vehicle from the company in December 2017 and was assigned a sales associate by the name of Ro Doherty. The initial paperwork process was fairly easy, however, once the paperwork was submitted all help ended there. She went on vacation in the middle of the process without informing me and left her cases to a Thadrick Holmes, who was nearly impossible to get in touch with or get to respond back to inquiries. Upon her return, Ro also seemed to disappear in thin air.

    Not even two weeks into the arrival of the vehicle, the brakes malfunctioned on the highway nearly causing a major accident. I scheduled a diagnostic inspection with the Mercedes dealership, as Vroom had advertised that the vehicle still had one month of manufacturers warranty left. The dealership informed me that there were visible signs of major flood damage to the vehicle, and that the vacuum pump and wires were rusted and would need to be replaced, a $900+ repair. They also informed me that the manufacturers' warranty expired on December 15, 2017, before I even purchased the vehicle. Because it had been past eight days, the dealership refused a return of the vehicle, despite the false advertising of a manufacturers warranty and the failure to disclose the flood damage (something that would have been easily noticed upon the departure inspection). They informed me they would be willing to process a buyback if I bought another vehicle in its place.

    I complied and began the purchase process of a Lexus CT200h. This time around the purchase process and buyback process was riddled with lack of communication, failure to respond to messages, and administrative errors causing three separate contracts to have to be sent. In addition to the delay, the sales associate made absolutely zero mention that because of a mileage adjustment mistake on their part, my interest rate would increase by several percent, to which I refused the financing. She wound up having to perform another hard pull on my credit report and we came to an agreement on financing and a THIRD set of paperwork had to be sent out.

    Fast forward several weeks of emails and phone calls and lack of message responses between customer service, sales and myself. I finally receive a delivery notice of the Lexus after hounding the company for weeks but had zero communication regarding the pick up of the smart vehicle. Fulfillment/delivery could not provide their own management team updates regarding pickup. I did not receive confirmation of pickup of the smart vehicle until the day the Lexus was picked up. The day of!! At the same time, I had still received zero updates regarding the cancelation of financing/buyback of the smart vehicle after daily requests for updates as well.

    My new vehicle was quoted by a delivery associate to be delivered between 6-9 am, which changed to 6-9 pm, then to 8-11 pm. At 10:30 pm, I still had zero communication from any delivery associate or the driver. My delivery driver contacted me at Midnight (prior to a workday) that they would arrive in 30 minutes and they were delayed due to having a delivery at a remote location (and sent me pictures of the dirt backroads he was driving on with brush overreaching the roads). More than an hour later, after 1 am, the vehicle finally arrived. The tires were absolutely bald and the car was covered in horizontal surface scratches most likely due to the brush the driver had to pass through on his prior delivery. In addition, no temporary tag was provided for the vehicle, so even after its delivery, I could not legally drive it and I STILL had zero update regarding cancelation of financing/buyback of the Smart vehicle.

    On February 16th, after daily calls, I was assured that the payoff for my smart car would be sent that day and that Ally would receive it by Monday or Tuesday of the following week. I now arrive at today, Thursday February 22, 2018, more than two months into this process. I call Vroom/TD Auto YET AGAIN and am told the payoff had not been sent and that there was an internal error and they do not know what happened.

    The returned smart car was re-listed on the Vroom website for sale and was marketed as having a clean history, despite the company being provided physical documentation from a Certified Mercedes Dealership showing the vehicle was flood damaged.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Stay away

    Overall Experience:

    Stay away from them! They ruined my credit score!

    I made the $500 deposit for a car, knowing that they will do a 1-2 hard pull on my credit. Two days after I found that they did 7 (SEVEN), yes, seven hard pulls.

    After that, I canceled the operation asking for my $500 and never had news from them again. I already did the claim with Amex.

    Don't buy from them! All the good reviews are from people that didn't get at the point to buy a car, only had a good experience with the salesperson that is always nice.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend


    • By Paul C Hill,
    • Oregon,
    • Feb 23, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    Once you sign the finance paperwork and they put your car on the road, this dealership treats you poorly just like every other dealership out there. My car sat in Houston waiting to be loaded for NINE days, and they lied to me about it. It's been over two weeks since it left Texas and I am still waiting for my car. Their "delivery concierge" service is appallingly bad. I get a different story from every agent about where my car is. I will never buy from them again and wish I hadn't in the first place.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Lousy customer service

    • By Rex Gruver,
    • Gainesville, FL,
    • Feb 23, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I have been trying to talk to someone about my car purchase. I read a review that was exactly what I'm you going through. I wouldn't recommend buying a car from these morons if my life depended on t. You can't get to talk to anyone that knows anything about your purchase. Once they have your money, in my case $35,000, you are thrown into the hopper. They tell you 7-10 days and your car will ship. That's B.S! They are all liars and cheats that use email as they're more of communication. They tell you that they can't connect you to the department you want.

    STAY AWAY from this company! It's a scam.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Read all the bad reviews, took a chance...not so bad.

    • By Eric Douglas,
    • New Jersey,
    • Feb 22, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    So after reading the 300 negative reviews, I can honestly say I was VERY nervous about the transaction. Pages and pages of bad reviews, my experience was different and challenging, but all in all, I am very happy.

    The primary issue with Vroom is they have all their sales calls going thru a call center where no one knows anything about cars. The call center was Rock Auto disguised as a Vroom. After 3 minutes with these people, I knew what the deal was. What I did was run a VIN check on the Porsche 911 cabriolet I was interested in to see where the car was located. Once I found out, I called the dealer direct from an old ad on eBay. They put me in touch with a TRUE sales guy, and we went over the car in detail. No call center BS.

    I was approved for the car quickly and the finance team sent the paperwork out timely. To my surprise, the car was shipped from Texas to New Jersey in less than 5 days after all docs were signed. The car was delivered and like others have stated, was not clean and the car did have a damaged rim. I went to my local Porsche dealer and they validated the issue.

    Here's where the 5 stars come into play. I called customer service and Christy Leal in the Vroom customer service department approved a new Porsche rim, almost $2000.00 that day to be replaced on the vehicle. They dealt directly with the dealer and simply kept me in the loop.

    The issue with Vroom is that they are relying on a call center who merely reads from a script. This is not good. If you do a little homework on the car you see listed on their site like I did, you can avoid the call center, Rock Auto. This will alleviate 99% of the stress, and you will get a nice car at a great price.

    I can proudly say I am one of the few happy people that has purchased a car from Vroom. I would definitely buy another car from them. Christy Leal is an excellent employee and she deserves the 5 starts I have given.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

    • May 10, 2018

      Company Response from Vroom, Inc.

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for providing your detailed feedback. We're happy you ended up satisfied with your car and experience. Our call center was very new when you interacted with them back in February. We continue to work to find the best representatives to help customers like you. Thanks for the shout out for Christy. We hope we can help you again in the future.

      The Vroom Team

  • Worst company

    • By Maddie Ovenell,
    • Friday Harbor, WA,
    • Feb 16, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    We started the process of buying a car with Vroom 24 days ago. This was when we started the final documents and signed everything for the purchase. This is also when they seem to have failed to process the paperwork on their end.

    Daily, they continued to tell us that the car is in Quality Control for 15 days. No one even noticed that the car WAS STILL FOR SALE and nothing had been processed. We needed the car by a certain date for a family vacation and had started the process a month in advance. We were assured that we would have the car with no problems. It is now three days before our vacation, and we have had to cancel our order as they can't get the car to us by the time we leave. They can't refund us our money for five to seven days, and now I need to take time off of work to go buy another car at a dealership so that we can have a vehicle to take on vacation.

    Please save yourself a considerable amount of time and frustration by skipping this company. We have talked to over 20 people and haven't found a single person that is actually helpful. You will find yourself always on hold, and it is always another department that handles something. No one can help. Save yourself from this headache!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • May 10, 2018

      Company Response from Vroom, Inc.

      Hi Maddie,

      We're sorry to hear about your frustration with Vroom, and we apologize for taking some time to respond. The feedback you've provided is extremely valuable and we've been hard at work to improve the experience for our customers. If there's anything we can do for you going forward, please let us know.

      The Vroom Team

  • Don’t waste your time

    Overall Experience:

    Unless you’re prepared to waste a month on this long, unorganized, excuse-filled process, then MOVE ON!

    This company is a joke. I don’t know how they are still in business, such a disappointment. They take the images of the picture and use special effects to hide scratches, dents, and other cosmetic flaws. Then after you decide you want the car, they start inspecting it and fixing things that should have been done before they even listed the car. Wouldn’t those things affect the overall cost of the car? Shouldn’t these things be disclosed beforehand?

    Now based on all the horrible reviews coming true I am expecting the car to show up dirty and damaged, be impossible to register, and if there are any problems with the car, I expect them to be impossible to get ahold of.

    Just go to a real place that takes care of their stuff and trades them the money for the keys, and call it a day! Not a month!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • May 10, 2018

      Company Response from Vroom, Inc.

      Hi Marlie,

      We're sorry to hear about the experience you had with us, and for the delay in our response. We've been working to improve pretty much all the areas you provided feedback on so we appreciate you taking the time to do so. If there's anything we can help you with in the future, please let us know.

      The Vroom Team

  • Updated review


    • By Poppy Tom,
    • Texas,
    • Dec 31, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    On December 29th, my truck showed up, so I am eating my words about the New Year showing up before my truck does. Anyway, the truck looked great inside and out. No sign of overspray from the scratches being fixed and the paint job looked nice. The delivery guy was really nice. So, besides the lack of communication skills, everything was great.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • May 10, 2018

      Company Response from Vroom, Inc.

      Hi Poppy Tom,

      We apologize for the delay in responding to your review. We've been busy working to improve our process and experience for our customers. We're happy to hear you were pleasantly surprised with your delivery back in December and hope you've been enjoying your ride!

      The Vroom Team

    • Previous review
    • Dec 21, 2017

    Buyer beware

    I sent Vroom $4,000 two WEEKS ago! I still haven't heard when my truck will be delivered. The salesman tells me some story about the truck having a scratch over a week ago. Three days ago the story changes to two scratches. I'm being strung along. I started the process on the 6th of December and I am confident the New Year will arrive before my truck does.

    Do what we have been doing for decades and go to a dealership. You will get a car/truck and not an excuse. Do NOT buy from Vroom! You're welcome.

    (read moreread less...)

  • Stay away! Do not buy from these clowns

    • By RJP,
    • Minneapolis, MN,
    • Dec 28, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I purchased a car from Vroom in July and it took more than three weeks for delivery, which wasn't a real big deal, but here it is at the end of December and I still don't have my plates! I keep getting the runaround and have heard many excuses. They keep sending temporary tags. Over five months and no plates.

    Stay away from Vroom!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Do not buy from Vroom!

    Overall Experience:

    I, like many reviewers, have had an absolutely terrible experience with Vroom. I purchased and put a deposit down. They sent the paperwork a day later than they claimed, then finalized the purchase and wired the money, then they lost my paperwork and then found it.

    It has now been two weeks and I have heard all kinds of excuses on why it has not been shipped. They have lied to me about shipping and claim the car is getting service work done (after claiming it passed quality control). I am going to cancel my order and hope the refund process goes better.

    Do NOT buy from Vroom!

    I wished I would have read more reviews before wasting my time with them.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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