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By Lydia Noyes
HighYa Staff
Updated on: Mar 30, 2020

obé (Our Body Electric) Fitness is an online community and workout program that promises to get you in shape with unlimited monthly access to live and on-demand exercise classes- all for less than the cost of one studio class.

For $27 per month, obé subscribers gain access to this retro-inspired program’s cardio, strength, and flexibility training classes. Most of these classes take 28 minutes or less, and they are designed for a broad range of fitness abilities.

Will obé help you stick to your resolution to get in shape? Let’s look at the program details to learn more.

  • Live workouts available daily
  • Most classes require minimal equipment
  • Options for everything from HIIT training to prenatal yoga
  • Instructors can see you in live classes and cheer you on
  • Neon, peppy fitness video style won’t appeal to everyone
  • Classes can’t be pre-downloaded
  • Fewer class options than other home fitness services

How Does obé Fitness Work?

Put simply, obé is a subscription exercise service that provides subscribers with access to over 500 on-demand workout videos and daily live-streamed classes. For convenience, the website adjusts the stated times of each class to match your time zone.

The program offered nine unique workout styles at the time of writing, including ‘Sculpt,’ ‘Strength,’ ‘Power,’ ‘Dance,’ ‘Circuit,’ ‘HIIT,’ ‘Yoga,’ ‘Yoga Sculpt,’ and ‘Restorative Stretch.’

According to the company website, most obé classes don’t require specialized equipment, though some offer options to “level up” the moves by using hand weights or resistance bands.

At the time of writing, obé was only available in the United States and Canada. The program offered web-based access for subscribers, an iOS app, and intended to release an Android app soon. For the best viewing experience, they recommend streaming the workouts onto a TV.

Workout Options

obé currently offers 14 live-streaming classes each day, staggered every half hour from 6 am to 1:30 pm or 7 am to 2:30 pm (EST), depending on the day. The class options vary every day. Here’s an example of the live class schedule on Monday, March 30, 2020.

Time Workout Instructor Equipment Details
7am Upper Body Power Kat Level up with 8–15lb hand weights
7:30am Lower Body Power Kat Level up with 8–15lb hand weights
8am Pilates Mary Level up with 1–3lb hand weights, sliders
8:30am HIIT Mary No equipment
9am Power Melody Level up with 8–15lb hand weights, resistance loops
9:30am Cardio Boxing Melody No equipment
10am Sculpt Liz Level up with 1–3lb hand weights, resistance loops
10:30am Cardio Boxing Liz No equipment
11am Sculpt Peter Level up with 1–3lb hand weights, resistance loops
11:30am Dance Cardio Peter No equipment
12pm #Levelup45 Power + Cardio Boxing Mashup Melody (encore class) Level up with 8–15 lb hand weights, resistance loops
1pm Vinyasa Yoga Lulu Level up with yoga blocks
2pm Live Bare from Home Michelle (prenatal) Level up with chair, 1–3lb hand weights, barre ball
2:30pm Sculpt Michelle (prenatal, encore class) Level up with 1–3lb hand weights, ankle weights

obé allows subscribers to ‘reserve their spot’ live classes and sync them with their calendar in order to create a sense of accountability.

The program recommends that you aim to complete five workouts per week, alternating each day between Define and Sweat classes for a balanced workout experience.

How Much Does obé Cost?

At the time of writing, a subscription for obé cost $27 per month, and all memberships began with a free 7-day trial. You can also save by signing up for an annual membership for $199 per year.

It’s possible to cancel your account at any time through your online profile. You’ll still have access to your account until the end of the billing period. You won’t get a refund for the time not used.

obé also offers merchandise for sale, including resistance bands, ankle weights, apparel, and water bottles, ranging in price from $10 to over $50.

The company states that all its merchandise is eligible for return within seven days of receipt, with the exception clearance items, gift certificates, and custom-made or personalized items.

All questions about obé and their cancellation policy should be directed to their email at shop@ourbodyelectric.com.

Analysis of Customer Reviews

We tracked some down online reviews of obé Fitness through personal blogs, fitness review websites, and the company’s Facebook page, where obé averages 4.4 stars after 73 reviews.

Here’s what users were saying:

Common Compliments:

  • Instructors bring great energy to the classes
  • Fun, challenging workouts
  • Very flexible for all fitness levels
  • Great selection of class options
  • Strong sense of community and accountability during live classes
  • 28-minute classes aren’t an overcommitment
  • Workouts require minimal equipment

Common Complaints:

  • Some only got error messages when setting up an account
  • Some had trouble canceling their accounts and continued to be billed for several months

How Does obé Compare to Popular Alternatives?

Home-based fitness routines are having a moment right now, and it can be difficult to decide which plan makes sense for you.

We’re trying to make that choice easier, so we made this chart to contrast the selling point of obé with a few other personal workout programs.

obé Peloton Aaptiv FightCamp BodyBoss


$27 per month $39/month, plus bike cost ($2,000+) $14.99/month or $99.99/ year $39/month $49.50-$69.99 (one-time purchase)
Class Type Live streamed or on-demand workout videos, typically 28 minutes Live and on-demand workouts, ranging from 20-60 minutes Audio fitness app that guides you through a variety of workouts On-demand group boxing workouts Twelve-week, step-by-step exercise program
Workout Type Sculpt, Strength, Power, Dance, Circuit, HIIT, Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, and Restorative Stretch Spin workouts Over 2,500 guided workouts for home, gym, and outdoor use Boxing workouts HIIT circuits
Extra Equipment Needs “Level up” moves require hand weights or resistance bands Peloton bike, shoes, and other specialized merchandise Dependent on the workout, some are meant for gym use and require access to weight machines Boxing gloves, free standing punching mag None

These five fitness programs all offer something different for home workout routines, and deciding which one makes the most sense for you comes down to looking at the details.

Of these options, Peloton and FightCamp have the highest price tag and the greatest gear requirement. This makes both programs an investment of between $500-$2,500 before you even factor in the monthly subscription cost.

While some people may prefer to spend that money on a regular gym subscription, others will appreciate the convenience of having such specialized workout equipment in their homes.

obé and Aaptiv are both monthly subscription services that don’t require additional equipment purchases.

While obé offers both live and on-demand video workouts, Aaptiv specializes instead in audio workouts. This means that it’s possible to follow Aaptiv workouts in places where video isn’t convenient (such as outdoors and in the gym), but some users might find the exercises less immersive than following an instructor on a screen.

Likewise, Aaptiv doesn’t offer the accountability that comes from live streaming workout classes.

Which program is best for you? That depends on what’s most important to you from a home workout standpoint. If you’re interested in investing in high tech, specialized equipment and potentially mastering one form of exercise, Peloton and FightCamp make sense. If you’re instead looking for a little extra guidance to your workout routine, a less intrusive program like Aaptiv or BodyBoss make sense.

But, for those who are seeking the commitment of signing up for a group studio class but don’t want to invest in special equipment, obé might offer an ideal compromise for getting in your workouts.

The Bottom Line: Is obé Right for You?

It’s clear to us that obé is offering a subscription workout program that should appeal to many people. The classes are designed to mimic the experience of a boutique studio, and there are hundreds of workouts to choose from.

obé believes that creating a sense of accountability is critical for workout success, so the program lets subscribers “reserve” their spots in live classes and add them to their calendar. Fourteen classes are available for streaming each day, and their length of 28 minutes is meant to keep them convenient for busy schedules.

Online reviews for obé Fitness are overwhelmingly positive and praise the video quality, instructor exuberance, and convenience and variety within the workouts.

If you’re interested in starting a home-based fitness routine, there are plenty of reasons to consider obé. The company’s free seven-day trial should give you a sense of whether the workouts are the right style for you, and you can cancel without cost if you decide to go in a different direction.

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