V Shred Review: Hype Or Actually Lose Weight?

By Lydia Noyes
HighYa Staff Published on: Jan 10, 2019

For those looking to get in better shape, the V Shred series of fitness programs claims to help you lose weight, tone up, and follow a healthier diet without taking up too much of your time.

The company website states that the plan focuses on delivering results in the minimum amount of workout time necessary, and with the support of a blog and online community to keep you on track.

The V Shred program was founded by Vince Sant, a fitness author, celebrity trainer, and YouTube workout personality. His workout system is based around the idea of “minimum effective” workouts, and the plan promises get you in shape without resorting to extreme willpower or going hungry from a restrictive diet.

The brand’s website offers a range of workout and nutrition programs, tailored toward your gender and personal goals. They claim that these personalized plans will help you achieve results faster than with standard fitness programs.

According to the company website, all of V Shred’s fitness plans are designed with three goals in mind:

  1. Offer fun, challenging, and fast workouts that can be completed at home or the gym.
  2. Provide simple nutrition plans that don’t feel like a diet.
  3. All recommended supplements must contain premium ingredients at the correct dosage for optimal results.

Those are impressive claims, but does the V Shred program deliver on them? Let’s look closer at how the program works to find out.

How Does V Shred Work?

When you first navigate to the V Shred website, you will be asked a series of intro questions about your sex, weight, height, activity level, and fitness goals.

From there, the site directs you to a 20-30 minute video from founder Vince Sant that touches on the ways one of V Shred’s fitness programs will help you meet your stated fitness goals.

When I completed this survey, the brand suggested that I sign up for the “Toned in 90 Days” challenge, which costs $57.

Other programs are available through the brand’s online store, and they included the following at the time of writing:

  • Fat Loss Extreme for Him or Her ($47)
  • Ripped in 90 Days ($47)
  • Clean Bulk Program ($87)
  • Six-Pack Shred ($19.99)
  • Big Arms Program ($19.99)
  • The Booty Builder ($34.95).

Other options include access to a $200 30-Day Challenge with a $5,000 grand prize, and custom diet and training plans for $225.

What exactly do these workout plans entail? As an example, let’s look at what’s included in the Toned in 90 Days program.

Mobile Workouts: All V Shred programs offer mobile versions of home and gym-based workouts that come with exercise descriptions, how to videos, and set and rep guidelines.

Beginner Diet Guide: This plan teaches the basics of dieting and nutrition and provides guidance for customization.

Advanced Diet Guide: Building off the first eating plan, this secondary diet guide teaches you how to create your own diet plan and how to tweak it when your goals change.

The 10 Commandments of Fitness: This guide offers core principles for fitness for getting the most out of your workouts.

Workout Log: This 90-day exercise journal provides you with an exact training plan, including types of exercise, numbers of reps and sets, and the amount of rest needed.

HIIT Guide: You’ll receive a detailed cardio plan for short workout sessions designed to trigger the EPOC (Excess Post Exercises Oxygen Consumption) Effect, which is designed to help you keep burning calories after your workout.

Outro: This short pamphlet is designed to provide the motivation necessary to keep you committed through the full 90 days.

The Toned in 90 Days V Shred program also came with the following bonuses at the time of writing:

  • Six Pack Shred (Offered in the shop for $19): This behind-the-scenes guide of Vince Sant’s core workouts comes with beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercise routines.
  • The Booty Builder (Listed for $34.95): This systematic workout focuses on four areas of the butt to produce toning and definition.
  • Recipe Guide (Listed for $37): This recipe guide was co-created by a celebrity chef in Los Angeles and highlights tasty and healthy recipes that help facilitate weight loss.
  • Supplement Guide: The videos within this guide offer education about beneficial supplements so you can stop spending money on products that won’t work.

What Does V Shred Cost?

At the time of writing, V Shred offers a range of fitness programs that retailed from $19.99- $225.

The company also sells propriety supplements that are meant to address specific health issues such as weight loss, fat burning, pre-workout and recover. These supplements tend to be targeted towards either men or women, and they cost between $37-$49 for a monthly supply.

The website FAQ’s show that the program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, meaning those that use the program for 30 days and are left unsatisfied by it can request a refund through email at vince@vshred.com.

What Does the Science Say About V Shred?

While the V Shred program promises to help you lose weight and tone up more quickly than competing fitness brands, we couldn’t find any research from the company that supports these claims.

However, there is a decent amount of research available for HIIT (high-impact interval training), which is the form of exercise that the program most relies on. As we’ve written before in our analysis of CrossFit, HIIT combines short, intense exercise circuits with recovery-oriented rests in between them.

What does this research say about HIIT? A study in the Journal of Obesity suggests that interval training shows promising results for eliminating abdominal fat of participants, which the New York Times labels as the most dangerous variety. While this report looks promising, the study concluded that more research needs to be carried out to come to conclusions about its effectiveness.

While V Shred program claims to be the most effective way to tone up and slim down, we couldn’t track down evidence that would definitively prove this.

What Do Previous Customers Think of V Shred?

No matter what the research says, a fitness program will flop if users don’t like it. What can we learn of user reviews of V Shred?

At the time of writing, V Shred customers awarded the company four stars out of five after over 280 reviews on Trustpilot. This is impressively positive, but we noticed a broader range of opinions in the comments section.

Many reviewers praised the workouts for being simple and effective, and they stated that the program helped them to lose weight. Others challenged this view and called the exercise plans a “cookie cutter approach” to fitness that relied on workouts that could be found online for free.

We also noticed some complaints about billing, as some users noted that they were charged more than expected for the program because the website’s advertising didn’t make it clear what was included with the purchase of each plan.

There are also numerous complaints on Trustpilot about the number of emails V Shred sent customers, and a few commenters stated that they struggled to get the company to honor their 30-day money back guarantee when they wanted a refund.

Overall, we noticed a lot of mixed reviews about the overall value of a V Shed program. Some people found that it gave them the accountability and motivation they needed to get in better shape, but others thought the plan was overpriced for the relatively generic content it provided.

What Fitness Programs are Similar to V Shred?

There’s a lot of competition within the workout industry for your money, which makes it difficult to determine what type of program is best for your needs.

We decided to compare three other popular programs to V Shred to give you a sense of what each one offers:

V Shred P90X TB12 BodyBoss
Program Cost $19-$225 $120 plus $20 S+H $19.99/month (or $199 annually) $45.90-$69.90
Program Format Mobile workout guides, online manual, and logbooks 12 workout DVDs, 3-phase nutrition plan, and workout calendar User-personalized workout plans for reaching peak performance with fitness and nutrition 12-week step-by-step exercise program that uses a physical workout booklet
Program Length 90 days- unlimited 90 days Unlimited 12 weeks
Workout Targets Weight loss, targeted toning Core strength, targeted toning Muscle pliability, performance enhancement, injury prevention Fat burning through HIIT circuits
Dietary Information Included? With certain plans Yes Yes With certain plans

Comparing these four programs, some big differences stand out right away. First, Super Bowl champion Tom Brady’s TB12 plan is a subscription service for iOS, meaning that you need to pay for it every month you use it. That’s a potential positive if you’re interested in trying out the program and unsure whether you’ll stick with it, but it can get pricy if you stay committed for the long term.

BodyBoss also stands out from these other programs because the workouts are offered in both a digital and physical book form, though each purchase does include access to explainer videos for the workout moves. This makes the program unique among the other exclusively digital options we looked at.

V Shred and P90X are the most similar of these workout programs, as they both offer a predetermined workout schedule that’s designed to help you reach specific goals. V Shred might get the edge on personalization, as the website’s initial quiz is meant to help you determine which of their workout plans is best for your needs.

Some people might prefer V Shred’s fully-mobile approach that doesn’t require you to play DVDs, but others likely will appreciate the physical reminder to exercise that DVDs will provide.

So which workout plan is best? That primarily depends on what your fitness goals are. Those who want to get toned on specific parts of their body, might appreciate the HIIT training and toning that comes from P90X, V Shred, and BodyBoss workouts.

However, if your goals are focused more on improving your performance (especially for sports), TB12 might be the better option.

Our View: Should You Try V Shred?

While this exercise regimen promises to help you lose weight and tone up with minimal effort each day, the company doesn’t provide much proof that their program fulfills all the promises they make about it.

Though we can point to scientific studies that show HIIT workouts are a viable way to lose weight, the evidence is less clear about whether this method is more effective than other fitness strategies.

Likewise, the customer reviews we looked at showed a variance in opinion about this health program. Some reviewers on Trustpilot stated that the workouts helped them slim down, while others wrote that the exercise routines were too simplistic and easy to find for free in other places.

A few also noted that they were charged more than expected for the program, that customer service was hard to contact, and that the company wasn’t eager to honor their money-back guarantee.

Nonetheless, the V Shred program wins points from us for approaching health from both a fitness and nutrition angle, and for offering different plan options depending on your current health and future goals.

We’ve written previously about how important exercise and a balanced diet is for maintaining your health, and any strategy you adopt that motivates you to move more is a success in our book.

If the V Shred program provides the motivation you need to exercise more, that’s great.

However, we think there are plenty of other approaches that may work equally well (or even better) for getting healthy.

For those feeling unsure about what type of fitness plan makes the most sense for their situation, we suggest talking with a doctor to get a professional opinion based on your own overall health.

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