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V Shred

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V Shred

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The V Shred program is fitness model and personal trainer Vince Sant’s solution to your workout woes. Many users experienced real results, but others thought the program was too expensive for its relatively generic advice.


  • Comprehensive fitness plans for a variety of health goals
  • Most plans include dietary information
  • Generous refund policy
  • Programs offered as both one-time purchases and subscription deals


  • Lots of user complaints that the plan is too simple and not unique
  • You are pressured to purchase additional products

V Shred Review: Does It Work?

By Lydia Noyes

Updated on: Jun 22, 2020

Medically Reviewed by Anthony Dugarte, M.D., C.S.C.S

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For those looking to get in better shape, the V Shred series of fitness programs claim to help you lose weight, tone up, and follow a healthier diet without taking up too much of your time.

The plan focuses on delivering results in the minimum amount of workout time necessary and uses the support of a blog and online community to keep you on track.

The V Shred program was founded by Vince Sant, a fitness author, celebrity trainer, and YouTube workout personality. His workout system is based around the idea of “minimum effective” workouts, and the plan promises to get you in shape without resorting to extreme willpower or going hungry from a restrictive diet.

The brand’s website offers a range of workout and nutrition programs, tailored toward your gender and personal goals. They claim that these personalized plans will help you achieve results faster than with standard fitness programs.

V Shred’s fitness plans are designed with three goals in mind:

  1. Offer fun, challenging, and fast workouts that can be completed at home or in the gym.
  2. Provide simple nutrition plans that don’t feel like a diet.
  3. Recommended supplements must contain premium ingredients at the correct dosage for optimal results.

In this analysis, we take a detailed look at how the program works to help you decide if it is the right option for you.

Personalized Plan

V Shred’s signature service is that they offer you a comprehensive plan based on your health and fitness goals. When you first navigate to the V Shred website, you will be asked a series of intro questions about your sex, weight, height, physical build, activity level, and fitness goals.

From there, the site directs you to a 20-30 minute video from founder Vince Sant that touches on the ways one of V Shred’s fitness programs will help you meet your stated fitness goals.

When I completed this survey, the website directed me to what they calculated as my daily macro needs. While these will vary based on your personal health perimeters, the site suggested I consumed close to 2,300 calories each day, broken down by macronutrients to 53% carbohydrates, 22% protein, and 25% fat.

Next, V Shred offers you the opportunity to purchase a fitness program package that the site selects for you based on your answers. The courses you are offered will vary, but mine included the following:

  • Mobile Workouts: All V Shred programs provide mobile versions of home and gym-based workouts that come with exercise descriptions, how-to videos, and set and rep guidelines.

  • Beginner Diet Guide: This plan teaches the basics of dieting and nutrition and provides guidance for customization.

  • Advanced Diet Guide: Building off the first eating plan, this secondary diet guide teaches you how to create your own diet plan and how to tweak it when your goals change.

  • The 10 Commandments of Fitness: This guide offers core principles for fitness for getting the most out of your workouts.

  • Workout Log: This 90-day exercise journal provides you with an exact training plan, including types of exercise, numbers of reps and sets, and the amount of rest needed.

  • HIIT Guide: You’ll receive a detailed cardio plan for short workout sessions designed to trigger the EPOC (Excess Post Exercises Oxygen Consumption) Effect, which is designed to help you keep burning calories after your workout.

  • Outro: This short pamphlet is designed to provide the motivation necessary to keep you committed through the full 90 days.

My suggested plan also came with the following bonus programs:

  • Six Pack Shred: This guide of Vince Sant’s core workouts comes with beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercise routines.

  • The Booty Builder: This systematic workout focuses on four areas of the butt to produce toning and definition.

  • Recipe Guide: This recipe guide was co-created by a celebrity chef in Los Angeles and highlights tasty and healthy recipes that help facilitate weight loss.

  • Supplement Guide: The videos within this guide offer education about beneficial supplements so you can stop spending money on products that won’t work.

This total package is offered for a one-time payment of $57, which we found is the standard price for all personalized V Shred packages based on your quiz results.

Individual Programs

If you choose to opt-out of V Shred’s initial quiz, you can go directly to the brand’s online store and purchase programs ala carte. The options included the following:

  • Custom Diet and Training Plan ($149)
  • Fat Loss Extreme ($47)
  • Ripped in 90 Days ($47)
  • Clean Bulk Program ($87)
  • Six-Pack Shred ($19.99)
  • Recipe Guide ($14.95)
  • Big Arms Program ($19.99)
  • The Booty Builder ($34.95)

V Shred University

V Shred offered a subscription service known as V Shred University. This plan gives you access to a new workout and diet plan each month, as well as access to hundreds of exercises, nutrition and supplement tutorials, and a members-only community for sharing goals and motivation.

You also can take part in weekly Q&A sessions and Live Coaching Calls to get personalized feedback on your progress.

V University costs $1 for your first month and $15.99 every month after. The program’s terms and conditions state that you can cancel at any time.

The Evidence for V Shred’s Effectiveness

While the V Shred program promises to help you lose weight and tone up more quickly than competing fitness brands, we couldn’t find any research from the company that supports these claims.

There is some literature that technically offers support for V Shred’s more comprehensive and personalized options, however.

For example, a recent review of 27 studies that examined the factors that contribute to weight loss success found that programs that monitor personal attendance, offer support, and emphasize diet modifications increase the chance that participants will stick to the program.

Most people who are successful in weight loss have professional guidance.

In terms of the most beneficial kinds of exercise, there is a decent amount of research available for HIIT (high-intensity interval training), which is the form of exercise that the program most relies on.

HIIT combines short, intense exercise circuits with recovery-oriented rests in between them.

A study in the Journal of Obesity suggests that interval training shows promising results for eliminating the abdominal fat of participants.

That’s good news, as abdominal obesity is associated with increased risk for chronic inflammation, elevated cholesterol levels, insulin resistance, and heart disease.

Still, more research is needed to iron out the details regarding the best type of exercise for individual goals and associated medical conditions.

Analysis of Customer Reviews

Seventeen customers have left reviews for the company here on HighYa, and they average 2.3-stars. Just 24% of users say they would recommend the program to their friends. The situation is different on Trustpilot, where V Shred earns 4-stars after more than 750 reviews.

Common Compliments:

  • Well thought out eating plan
  • Users successfully lost weight and kept it off with the diet and fitness plan
  • Company is flexible with returns
  • V Shred community is very supportive

Common Complaints:

  • The program didn’t deliver what it offered
  • App and meal plan not worth the price
  • Supplement products seemed scammy to some users
  • Many didn’t appreciate the constant pressure to upgrade their membership
  • Some people felt they were overcharged for what they thought they were purchasing
  • Getting in touch with customer service to cancel your account can be tricky

Return Policy

The company’s FAQ page states that the program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning those that use the program for 30 days and are left unsatisfied by it can request a refund through email.

The Bottom Line

While the V Shred nutrition and exercise regimen promises to help you lose weight and tone up with minimal effort each day, the company doesn’t provide much proof that its program fulfills all the promises it makes about it.

We can point to scientific studies that show HIIT workouts are a viable way to lose weight, but the evidence is less clear about whether this method is more effective than other fitness strategies.

Likewise, customer reviews show a variance in opinion about this health program.

The V Shred program wins points from us for approaching health from both a fitness and nutrition angle, and for offering different plan options depending on your current health and future goals.

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Customer Reviews

2.4 Stars out of 22 Reviews
5 Star:18% 4 Star:9% 3 Star:13% 2 Star:9% 1 Star:50%
27% Recommend This Brand
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Posted on Feb 13, 2019

I should have researched before I purchased

By Cynthia C., Fort Worth, TX, Verified Reviewer

I filled out the questionnaire and watched the video. At the end, Vince said you would get the program and all the free gifts for a one-time payment of $57. So I bought the package and immediately got a notification that my credit/debit card was charged $114. I looked at my email receipt and sure enough, I was charged $114, but there was no break down of the charges to explain why.

I tried calling the phone number at the bottom and it wasn’t a working number. The message said to go to the website or email. I emailed the email address on the receipt and got a delivery failure almost immediately. So I called my bank, disputed the charges and canceled my bank card, because on another email I received, it said that they would be charging me $9.95 per month for the "club" and the one on one counseling that Vince originally said was included in the $57 one time fee.

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. This company could care less about people if this is how they do business. Next step is to file complaints with the FTC and BBB for fraud.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 223 People Have Voted

Posted on Mar 24, 2019


By Becc H., Ontario, Canada, Verified Reviewer

I purchased the 90-day program after doing the body quiz, I was told everything was going to be $67. Except I was charged $169.98. I immediately freaked out because 1) that’s a huge difference, and 2) I now thought I was being scammed or something.

I messaged the company...no response back. I tried calling them three times and couldn’t get through, it just went to an automated voice that said to send an email or go to help section online. So I last resorted to messaging the owner Vinc on Instagram...didn’t think he would really respond but he did, and I’m actually in shock at how rude and unprofessional he is as a businessman. He accused me of clicking a personalized meal plan button, which I didn’t press or didn’t press on purpose clearly, or I wouldn’t have been so alarmed at my charges. All he had to do is tell me it must have been a mistake and let me know that I’ll get a refund, instead, he actually argued with me that I’m wrong and he’s right, not to mention the checkout page is confusing as heck. He was SO unbelievably rude, condescending, and arrogant. He claims he cares about people and their fitness goals, but from the response I got from him, it really doesn’t seem like he cares one bit. DO NOT BUY V Shred!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 185 People Have Voted

Posted on Mar 5, 2019

It’s a scam...

By Juliana S., New York, Verified Reviewer

Tonya G, that’s a lie. There’s absolutely nothing in the $57 program. After watching the video, I went ahead and paid $57. All I got is a password for registration. All those packages he promised in the video were all a lie. There’s nothing there. When you login into your account you still have to pay to have access to those programs. Normally I read reviews before paying for anything online, but for some reason, I just went ahead and subscribed without a second thought. Please, please nobody should choose that amount of money. It’s a scam, you’ll not get anything after paying that money.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 160 People Have Voted

Posted on Mar 22, 2019

WARNING: Scammers at work

By Dana W., Texas, Verified Reviewer

I paid $57 and then saw what I really wanted cost an additional $67. I purchased the meal plan and saw it was all ridiculous, not what the video implies. Within minutes I was attempting to get a refund, but after going in circles with them, they refused. Don’t waste your money!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 140 People Have Voted

Posted on Mar 20, 2019

Rip off

By Timothy W., Virginia, Verified Reviewer

I join the group under the impression I would be charged $57 with a 30-day money back refund. I joined on March the 3rd, I was charged the $57, and when I see the final bill charged, they talked on another $67 I knew nothing about, and when I checked it out, everything $200 and up. I canceled the 7th and was charged $9 just to cancel (by true bill) and today is the 14th and still haven't seen my refund. This is a TOTAL RIPOFF, save your money! DON'T JOIN!

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 129 People Have Voted

Posted on Mar 13, 2019

Don’t be conned - they just want your money!

By Trina D., Queensland, Australia, Verified Reviewer

I too have been conned by this company and paid for the "personalised" menu plan. Unfortunately, after signing up, I became unwell and wasn’t able to reply until four weeks later. In the initial questionnaire, I said I was Vegetarian, so they put FISH in my menu plan and made the biggest focus on taking their "Burn" supplement - which, of course, would mean purchasing something else from them! I’d already spent US$114 (AU$160+), so I expected a lot more than what I got and one where I could buy normal food from a grocery store or supermarket.

When I raised this, and the reason for my late reply, the response was rude, condescending and patronizing, and displayed absolutely zero compassion or understanding as to why I couldn’t reply within the four weeks. The trainer said she’ll do me up a "simple" menu plan but "only once" - even though they screwed up and I paid a lot of money for it. I bet if everyone who paid for this customized menu plan compared the menus, they’d be almost identical (depending on if you’re g/f, vegan, vegetarian, etc.).

I’ve asked for a detailed invoice as to exactly what I paid for and so far they have ignored my requests.

I also canceled V Shred University and days after they took another payment (I wanted to cancel early so they wouldn’t take a payment out next month), but instead of keeping access for another month, they removed my access AND kept my payment ...and keep ignoring my request for a refund.

I also asked why NONE of the [copious amount of] emails they send ever mention my body type. The ONLY reason I was sucked in, was because they were offering something unique and targeted 100% to my body type.

This company takes advantage of vulnerable people, and then try and continue to suck more money out of you on supplements and other membership fees. Almost all emails and videos all lead to advertisements to try and get you to buy more stuff from them!

I usually research companies like this and rarely do I sign up, but was sucked in at a moment of vulnerability, and I absolutely regret it and don’t recommend them at all. It’s extremely clear to me that they just want your money, they’re not interested in helping you!

Do your own research on your body type: Endomorph, Ectomorph or Mesomorph...it won’t cost you a cent!

If not resolved, I will be lodging formal complaints with external agencies.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 112 People Have Voted

Posted on Apr 4, 2019

Avoid this like the plague

By Jim A., California, Verified Reviewer

Anyone seeking a fitness and meal plan should avoid this program at all cost! It is merely an automated email system designed to sell supplements. There is nothing "custom" about this program. I paid for a meal plan and a custom work out plan and received neither. I did, however, lose $129.00 for the first month and made the mistake of clicking on the V Shred University and saw another $10.00 removed from my account yesterday. I couldn't figure out how to find my custom plans, so I stuck to my former gym routine. It was easy to find lots of expensive supplements with the multiple sales-focused emails (I did not buy any of the highly priced supplements).

After the first few days of trying to find my "custom" plan I gave up searching and chalked it up to another cleaver online scam. Be very cautious of this program. I found more helpful advice for free on YouTube.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 104 People Have Voted

Posted on Mar 14, 2019

Very unclear terms/expectation

By La Shaun M E., Muskogee, OK, Verified Reviewer

From the beginning there exist lots of technical issues like not being able to get access to videos or information. Pricing is unclear, I thought it was 1/2 the price I was charged and then it was explained very differently what I was actually being billed for. Then I thought I was getting a 90-day meal plan but it turns out, even after paying the additional fee, the plan was for four weeks, which honestly is one week with you repeating the week for the additional 3 weeks.

The Facebook page is okay, but there isn’t a lot of info from a coach. Just others saying whether they are doing ok or not. Lots and lots of emails that are ads...I was extremely disappointed. The coaching consisted of me reporting my progress and a very generic "that a girl" if I did okay and no response, inspiration or additional advice for difficulties. You are also responsible to make sure you don’t slip between the cracks. I don’t feel I received what I paid for so, no, I wouldn’t recommend this to a friend, client or enemy.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 103 People Have Voted

Posted on Mar 1, 2019

Bummed, good program!

By Aaron A., Tigard, OR, Verified Reviewer

By far this will be one of the most confusing reviews of V Shred, because I absolutely love V Shred, and had been a long time. In fact, I can spend well over $650.00 on "V Shred University." That's right, I had it for years, that 18 weeks later I had spent quite of dough. Not only that, but I also bought other programs such as the "90-day blueprint" and "90-day bulk." I can tell you I am a huge fan of V Shred. I studied personal training on some level, and it's legit. The vids, the step by step, and his support are beyond amazing. The system worked for me. In fact, that's why I bought University. Because for 30.00 bucks a month, I could have someone else build my workouts.

So why the 3 stars? A couple of times Customer service had given me a month or two for some customer service issue I won't get into at the moment. One month they took the month back away. I reached out and they said I got too many. I explained someone provided it to me as compensation for the issue, and they said there is nothing that they can do. I decided to stop paying for V Shred soon after, and after spending $30.00 a month for 18 weeks, they took every program I paid for. So although I paid for each of the programs, since I wasn't continuing to pay, they basically took $650.00 worth of programs off my account. Not only will I never buy any more programs, but I forewarn you, if you do University, you won't be able to keep them if you cancel.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 92 People Have Voted

Posted on Mar 14, 2019

It's a scam, do not buy!

By Maria A., Florida, Verified Reviewer

I paid for the recipe guide thinking it is $14, but they gave me another order that I did not want that brought the price up to $71, which that item made me have to buy another item in the store because the extra item was to sign up for another program in the store. And there are only 33 recipes, so how long is that going to last me? And most of the things on there I don’t like.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 90 People Have Voted

Posted on Jul 11, 2019


By Denise J., Pennsylvania, Verified Reviewer

6/28/19 - I have added a star to my rating. It means the product was "Not what I was hoping for,'' which is correct. But in the end, the company took a flexible position because it was clear they do not even sell a product that was suitable for me. I would have paid for the keto diet, but it was not available as a stand-alone item. They issued a full refund the same week, which was back in April. They need to improve their website, if they want to avoid reviews like mine.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Helpful Review? 80 People Have Voted
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