Trim Down Club is a site that aims to create a one-stop shop for nutritional advice, healthy living recipes, and additional health and weight loss tools. The site was developed by nutritionists and dieticians. All material on Trim Down Club is based on healthy living and eating through implementation of genuine lifestyle changes, and is focused on creating a club for everyday individuals who are looking to lose weight, gain strength and energy, and to generally feel better.

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Trim Down Club Features

Trim Down Club claims to use resources and applications that help members burn fat and keep it off, without subjecting themselves to starvation and other dangerous “extreme” diets. The site also claims that all available diets and exercises are tailored specifically to your body, and steer clear of significant dietary changes or rapid weight loss programs. No additional exercise equipment or dietary supplements are required, and registered members can share ideas and discuss diets, general nutrition, and healthy living through the online forum.

Members will receive the following resources:

  • Trim Down Main Program
  • Trim Down Cookbook
  • “Yes We Can Maintain” Audio MP3
  • Guide to Food Shopping the Proper Way
  • “State of the Art” In-House Apps Such As Menu Planner, Diet Journal, Progress Meter, and More.
  • Access to the Fat Burning Online Forum

Trim Down Club also provides free access to relevant articles and healthy food recipes for all meal categories.

A newly added feature is the ability to speak with a professional, licensed dietician via phone or email, where members can have any of their diet and nutrition-related questions answered. However, it’s important to note that there is an associated fee of $1.50-$3.50 per minute, depending on the person you select.

Trim Down Club Pricing

Trim Down Club charges members a one-time $47.00 fee, which covers them for life. Because the site is a Clickbank affiliate, all major credit cards are accepted, including PayPal, and Clickbank will be the entity that processes your payment. In addition, this service also offers the added benefit of providing a full refund within 60 days of purchase.


  • One-time $47.00 fee gives full access to entire site, in addition to a complete set of dietary and nutritional resources, including online forums and direct access to professional dieticians.
  • Open forum for members to share ideas and discuss diets, general nutrition, and healthy living.
  • No additional exercise equipment or dietary supplements required.
  • Trim Down Club is a Clickbank affiliate, which means payment processing is secure, in addition to offering a 60-day refund policy.


  • There have been mixed reviews, including some claims that the information provided to paid members is available elsewhere online for free.
  • Though claiming to have been developed by professional, certified nutritionists, the Health Disclaimer page states the site was developed by B2C Media Solutions Ltd in Israel.

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