Established in 2012, BioTrust is a nutritional supplements provider based in Aurora, Colorado that specializes in natural, high-quality ingredients that supply just the right dose. BioTrust founders Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion are best-selling authors, whose books and multiple television appearances have helped countless people around the world lose weight and stay healthy.

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The company’s mission is to help empower men and women through proper nutrition and decreased body fat, which will ultimately transform their health. BioTrust also helps contribute nutritious food, clean water, and proper medical services to families in need through their charitable mission, which donates a portion of every dollar received to these causes.

BioTrust Features

Co-founders Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion, who are avid users of nutritional supplements, discovered that many natural products in the marketplace do not contain nearly as much of an active ingredient as advertised on the label. Many consumers likely assume that all nutritional products are closely regulated and approved by the FDA, but which is not always the case. The BioTrust website uses the following as an example: “A product may claim 100 mg of an exotic fat-burning ingredient while containing only 20 mg, or in many cases, none at all.” The company believes that most other nutritional supplement companies operate under shady business practices, and are only out to make a quick buck by scamming unsuspecting customers.

In response to this, BioTrust was created to provide the highest quality, most genuine nutritional supplements available on the market. BioTrust claims all of their products are completely free of hormones, antibiotics, and other artificial ingredients, and work by providing just the right “scientific dose” for each essential ingredient. The company guarantees that all products contain the exact dose as listed on the packaging, and their “7-Stage Research and Testing Protocol” ensures this through:

  1. World class formulators
  2. Using only the scientific dose
  3. All-natural raw ingredients
  4. Raw ingredient testing
  5. FDA-registered manufacturing
  6. Third-party quality assurance testing
  7. Scientific Advisory Board review

Products Offered Through BioTrust

BioTrust offers a wide range of nutritional supplements depending on your needs, including products for weight loss, building muscle, and overall health, which can be delivered via pills, protein cookies, as well as protein bars. Their BioTrust Gear section also includes t-shirts, blender bottles, and vitamin chests.

A few of BioTrust's most popular items include:

  • BCAA Matrix
  • BioTrust Low Carb
  • IC-5, an advanced insulin for carbohydrate management
  • Leptiburn, an advanced fat-burning hormone support supplement
  • Pro-X10, an advanced probiotic and GI health formula used to building muscle, lose fat, and for overall health

BioTrust Pricing

Supplement prices through BioTrust vary widely, depending on the product purchased. For instance, bottles range anywhere from $49 to $67, while cookies and protein boxes range between $30 and $40. In addition to supplement prices, customers will also be assessed shipping charges.

For all products purchased through BioTrust, customers have the option of buying two and getting the third at no charge, and/or purchasing four products and receiving two free. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, BioTrust offers a 1-Year Money Back Guarantee Program, which allows you to return the unused portion for a full refund.


  • All-natural supplements that contain exact amounts of advertised ingredients
  • Supplements are subjected to a “7-Stage Research and Testing Protocol”
  • Wide selection depending on your needs
  • Purchase any two products and receive the third free, and/or purchase four and receive two free.
  • 1-Year Money Back Guarantee Program


  • Some consumer complaints on customer service
  • Too much upselling during the checkout process according to some
  • Some consumers have complained that the product does not work as promised