About Mott & Bow

Mott & Bow offers premium, handmade denim at affordable prices—promising the same quality at approximately half the cost when compared to other designer brands.

Alejandro Chahin, the brand’s founder, grew up in a denim factory in Honduras—first counting buttons, then fabric sourcing and hand-creating washes later as a teen.

But rather than stay put and spend his life filling production orders for other brands, Alejandro took everything he learned in the factory to business school at NYU. From there, he studied consumer demand and realized there was a gap in the marketplace.

In short, there weren’t any brands offering premium denim at a fair price.

How Can Mott & Bow Offer Premium Denim at a Lower Cost?

Alejandro recognized that part of the reason premium denim was so expensive was that these brands had started before the era of online shopping. Instead of bringing the product directly to you, the customer, it went through various distribution channels and was marked up along the way.

By creating jeans in the same factory that his family has owned since 1982, Mott & Bow is able to cut out the cost of distribution—and pass those savings onto their customers.

What Makes Mott & Bow “Premium” Denim?

Mott & Bow states that the high-quality of their jeans starts with the raw materials and that they source denim from some of the most respected denim mills in the world: Orta in Turkey and Candiani in Italy.

The brand claims that this higher-quality cloth not only looks better, but it performs better with wear, unlike cheap denim that won't “bounce back” after multiple washes.

Once the raw fabric arrives at Mott & Bow’s factory in Honduras, each pair is attended to by hand to ensure that the design, cut, wash, and finish are all perfected.

The result, claims Mott & Bow, is that customers have come to know the brand as successfully blending comfort, style, and an affordable price point.

Mott & Bow Men’s Denim Styles

Composition fabrics that offer stretch have been used for women’s jeans for years. Sometimes called “stretch denim,” they’re more comfortable and move with your body. Mott & Bow is one of only a few brands that offer jeans made from blended fabrics for men.

The jeans, which range from $96 to $128 a pair, are made from a high-quality blend of cotton, polyester, and elastane for a formulation of up to 35% stretch denim.

Note that not all Mott & Bow jeans are cut from the same cloth—there are varying degrees of stretch, up to their Dynamic Stretch line that claims to be as comfortable as athletic wear after just two washes.

Mott & Bow offers about ten different colors of denim for men, including the jet-black Morton or the indigo Moscow to the light and casual Ludlow. The different shades are achieved through special processes of washes and applied resin, as well as some detailed razoring and scuffing up the edges of pockets and hems for that perfectly worn-in look.

Available men’s sizes range from 28” to 36” waist and either 32” or 34” length. Additionally, Mott & Bow provides exact measurements for each different fit to take the guesswork out of selecting skinny, slim, or straight:


  • Mid-rise with zipper fly
  • Skinny from hip to hem
  • Tapered leg
  • 13 ½” Leg opening


  • Mid-rise with zipper fly
  • Straight through hip
  • Slim through thigh
  • 15 ½” Leg opening


  • Mid-rise with zipper fly
  • Straight through hip and thigh
  • Straight leg from knee to opening
  • 17” Leg opening

Each product page displays the denim’s fit, where the fabric is sourced from, its composition and weight, fit details (seen above), and how Mott & Bow achieved the pair’s particular wash. You’ll also find customer reviews that rate on size, comfort, and quality along with comments.

Mott & Bow Women’s Denim Styles

Mott & Bow started offering only men’s denim but has recently expanded to women’s. Women’s denim is available in six different washes, including jet black Bond and a pretty, subtle grey-black named Orchard, and prices range from $96 to $128.

Women’s denim are more limited in available sizes, with waist ranging from 24” to a max of 32”. Choose between three styles of fit:

High Rise Skinny:

  • Front rise of 10”
  • Skinny fit
  • 9” Leg opening
  • 30” Inseam

Mid Rise Skinny:

  • Front rise of 8.5”
  • Skinny fit
  • 9” Leg opening
  • 30” Inseam

Slim Boyfriend:

  • Front rise of 8.75”
  • Slim fit
  • 12” Leg opening
  • 32” Inseam (for cuffing)

Just like the men’s category, each product page shares information on the denim, the wash, and details of the fit, followed by customer reviews of the specific product.

Even if you read through all the reviews and compare measurements, it can be darn difficult to find perfectly fitting denim in the store—much less online. How to find your perfect Mott & Bow size?

Ensure a Perfect Fit With Mott & Bow Home Try-On Program

A feature unique to Mott & Bow is their home try-on program, which allows you to order both your own size and a second pair, either a size above or a size below, to make sure the fit is right, at no extra cost.

Here’s how their home try-on program works:

  1. Buy your first pair and choose a second waist size for free.
  2. They’ll send both so you can decide the best fit for you.
  3. Keep the one you like and send the second pair back for free.
  4. Using the pre-paid label drop the box off at the nearest FedEx.

One catch: A few styles are in such high demand that Mott & Bow can’t spare the extra pairs for their home try-on program. However, you can filter out which styles aren’t available in the top menu bar.

Mott & Bow Pricing & Refund Policy

Both men and women’s Mott & Bow denim costs between $96 to $128 a pair. The cost of shipping varies slightly depending on your location (they also ship to 24 countries outside of the United States). However, order two or more pairs and shipping is free.

If your jeans don’t fit, Mott & Bow also claims to make returns easier. Orders are eligible for refunds for 30 days. To do so, follow the instructions that came with your package or fill out a digital refund request here.

Refunds will be processed within five days. However, each is subjected to a $5 restocking fee—that’s per order, not per product. And don't forget, returns are free as each delivery comes with a prepaid return label.

Potential Cons of Mott & Bow Denim

Members of the Men’s Fashion Advice (MFA) Subreddit offer up some criticisms of Mott & Bow denim. Two points being that the jeans aren’t made in the US and that they don’t include the kind of details that denim lovers associate with quality, such as selvaged edges. (“Selvage” means that the edges are self-finished, which keeps them from unraveling or fraying over time.)

Selvedge Denim vs Non Selvedge DenimImage via Brooklyn Clothing

However, it’s important to note the any criticism offered came from people who hadn’t actually tried on Mott & Bow denim. Reading further down in the forum and you can find that the lack of a self-finished edge hasn’t curbed the enthusiasm of several MFA customers.

Customer Reviews of Mott & Bow

Either Mott & Bow has an amazing press team or these jeans really rock, because you’re hard pressed to find anything but glowing reviews of their men’s denim. Reviewers at The Style Guide, Paul Evans, and even Business Insider offer up the opinion that Mott & Bow are likely the most comfortable men’s jeans ever made.

As we mentioned above, blended comfort fabrics aren’t anything new to women’s denim. After all, we have “jeggings” made from sweatpant material. However, Mott & Bow does promise to offer that perfect point of compression and stretch.

That being said, customer reviews of Mott & Bow’s women’s denim are equally glowing, with women remarking that the high-rise style was surprisingly giving in the waist while retaining shape.

The only criticism was of the women’s slim boyfriend style, which one reviewer said wasn’t a true boyfriend fit, and wore more like a skinny jean.

Bottom Line on Mott & Bow?

Hovering at right around $100 per pair, Mott & Bow denim are certainly more expensive than a pair that you’d pick up at Target or Macy’s. Of course, while cheaper pairs are out there, Mott & Bow’s premium denim offers what you’d expect from a much more expensive pair—quality fabric, modern, on-trend washes, and exacting fit.

If you’re on a budget, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to your tried and true brand of Levis. However, if you’re looking to switch things up and add some new denim to your rotation, Mott & Bow could be just what you’re looking for.

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  • Scam site

    • New York,
    • Feb 22, 2017

    I ordered the first pair of jeans. I tried returning them, and they stated that I couldn't because I used a discount code. When I called their customer service, I spoke with the same two people. This site is a scam and the jeans were terrible quality.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • Love my Mott & Bow jeans

    • Atlanta, GA,
    • Feb 15, 2017

    I tried one pair of Mott & Bow high rise women's jeans, and I love them! The are very tapered at the ankle, so I love the slimming silhouette. I am 45 years old and had a 21-year-old niece ask me where I got my jeans. They are very simple and stylish. I am ordering two more pairs now.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • Horrible service

    • Minnesota,
    • Feb 9, 2017

    I'd give them zero stars if I could. I returned two pairs that I got for Christmas because they were too large. They sat in the box on my dresser until I could ship them back. Mott & Bow stated that they smelled and would not be accepted. Now they are charging me $40 to ship them back to me.

    It is a deceptive company with awful customer service. I'd buy from anyone but them. The bottom line is, if you buy from them and encounter an issue, you are screwed.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 1 out 1 people found this review helpful

    Poor sizing & fit, poor service.

    • NC,
    • Dec 13, 2016

    I am a bit of a denim nerd and I had heard a lot about Mott & Bow, mostly positive when I ordered my first pair. I purchase mostly raw denim but was hopeful this could be a nice "comfy" alternative. They're pretty well constructed, unremarkable in a good way (no fancy thread colors etc) but their sizing is quite inaccurate. I currently measure a 34 in my waist but after trying on two pairs of these in 34 and 33, they were still off by quite a bit. However, as I went down in waste, the leg opening in the thigh area became very constricted. I am an athlete and these are apparently not made for folks with athletic built. They look quite odd in the thigh area if you get the waist size right. Overall, they are just not very flattering jeans.

    Most disappointing however, is their service. They're pretty slow to ship, even slower to exchange, and they count the refund period from your original order date so in my instance, they had to make an exception to accept a refund even though I had received my exchange just two weeks ago. And I had to pay the return shipping. This kind of service policy isn't very competitive in today's service-oriented market.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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