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By Autumn Yates
Published on: Nov 11, 2016

Mott & Bow offers premium, handmade denim at affordable prices—promising the same quality at approximately half the cost when compared to other designer brands.

Alejandro Chahin, the brand’s founder, grew up in a denim factory in Honduras—first counting buttons, then fabric sourcing and hand-creating washes later as a teen.

But rather than stay put and spend his life filling production orders for other brands, Alejandro took everything he learned in the factory to business school at NYU. From there, he studied consumer demand and realized there was a gap in the marketplace.

In short, there weren’t any brands offering premium denim at a fair price.

How Can Mott & Bow Offer Premium Denim at a Lower Cost?

Alejandro recognized that part of the reason premium denim was so expensive was that these brands had started before the era of online shopping. Instead of bringing the product directly to you, the customer, it went through various distribution channels and was marked up along the way.

By creating jeans in the same factory that his family has owned since 1982, Mott & Bow is able to cut out the cost of distribution—and pass those savings onto their customers.

What Makes Mott & Bow “Premium” Denim?

Mott & Bow states that the high-quality of their jeans starts with the raw materials and that they source denim from some of the most respected denim mills in the world: Orta in Turkey and Candiani in Italy.

The brand claims that this higher-quality cloth not only looks better, but it performs better with wear, unlike cheap denim that won't “bounce back” after multiple washes.

Once the raw fabric arrives at Mott & Bow’s factory in Honduras, each pair is attended to by hand to ensure that the design, cut, wash, and finish are all perfected.

The result, claims Mott & Bow, is that customers have come to know the brand as successfully blending comfort, style, and an affordable price point.

Mott & Bow Men’s Denim Styles

Composition fabrics that offer stretch have been used for women’s jeans for years. Sometimes called “stretch denim,” they’re more comfortable and move with your body. Mott & Bow is one of only a few brands that offer jeans made from blended fabrics for men.

The jeans, which range from $96 to $128 a pair, are made from a high-quality blend of cotton, polyester, and elastane for a formulation of up to 35% stretch denim.

Note that not all Mott & Bow jeans are cut from the same cloth—there are varying degrees of stretch, up to their Dynamic Stretch line that claims to be as comfortable as athletic wear after just two washes.

Mott & Bow offers about ten different colors of denim for men, including the jet-black Morton or the indigo Moscow to the light and casual Ludlow. The different shades are achieved through special processes of washes and applied resin, as well as some detailed razoring and scuffing up the edges of pockets and hems for that perfectly worn-in look.

Available men’s sizes range from 28" to 36" waist and either 32" or 34" length. Additionally, Mott & Bow provides exact measurements for each different fit to take the guesswork out of selecting skinny, slim, or straight:


  • Mid-rise with zipper fly
  • Skinny from hip to hem
  • Tapered leg
  • 13 ½" Leg opening


  • Mid-rise with zipper fly
  • Straight through hip
  • Slim through thigh
  • 15 ½" Leg opening


  • Mid-rise with zipper fly
  • Straight through hip and thigh
  • Straight leg from knee to opening
  • 17" Leg opening

Each product page displays the denim’s fit, where the fabric is sourced from, its composition and weight, fit details (seen above), and how Mott & Bow achieved the pair’s particular wash. You’ll also find customer reviews that rate on size, comfort, and quality along with comments.

Mott & Bow Women’s Denim Styles

Mott & Bow started offering only men’s denim but has recently expanded to women’s. Women’s denim is available in six different washes, including jet black Bond and a pretty, subtle grey-black named Orchard, and prices range from $96 to $128.

Women’s denim are more limited in available sizes, with waist ranging from 24" to a max of 32". Choose between three styles of fit:

High Rise Skinny:

  • Front rise of 10"
  • Skinny fit
  • 9" Leg opening
  • 30" Inseam

Mid Rise Skinny:

  • Front rise of 8.5"
  • Skinny fit
  • 9" Leg opening
  • 30" Inseam

Slim Boyfriend:

  • Front rise of 8.75"
  • Slim fit
  • 12" Leg opening
  • 32" Inseam (for cuffing)

Just like the men’s category, each product page shares information on the denim, the wash, and details of the fit, followed by customer reviews of the specific product.

Even if you read through all the reviews and compare measurements, it can be darn difficult to find perfectly fitting denim in the store—much less online. How to find your perfect Mott & Bow size?

Ensure a Perfect Fit With Mott & Bow Home Try-On Program

A feature unique to Mott & Bow is their home try-on program, which allows you to order both your own size and a second pair, either a size above or a size below, to make sure the fit is right, at no extra cost.

Here’s how their home try-on program works:

  1. Buy your first pair and choose a second waist size for free.
  2. They’ll send both so you can decide the best fit for you.
  3. Keep the one you like and send the second pair back for free.
  4. Using the pre-paid label drop the box off at the nearest FedEx.

One catch: A few styles are in such high demand that Mott & Bow can’t spare the extra pairs for their home try-on program. However, you can filter out which styles aren’t available in the top menu bar.

Mott & Bow Pricing & Refund Policy

Both men and women’s Mott & Bow denim costs between $96 to $128 a pair. The cost of shipping varies slightly depending on your location (they also ship to 24 countries outside of the United States). However, order two or more pairs and shipping is free.

If your jeans don’t fit, Mott & Bow also claims to make returns easier. Orders are eligible for refunds for 30 days. To do so, follow the instructions that came with your package or fill out a digital refund request here.

Refunds will be processed within five days. However, each is subjected to a $5 restocking fee—that’s per order, not per product. And don't forget, returns are free as each delivery comes with a prepaid return label.

Potential Cons of Mott & Bow Denim

Members of the Men’s Fashion Advice (MFA) Subreddit offer up some criticisms of Mott & Bow denim. Two points being that the jeans aren’t made in the US and that they don’t include the kind of details that denim lovers associate with quality, such as selvaged edges. (“Selvage” means that the edges are self-finished, which keeps them from unraveling or fraying over time.)

Selvedge Denim vs Non Selvedge DenimImage via Brooklyn Clothing

However, it’s important to note the any criticism offered came from people who hadn’t actually tried on Mott & Bow denim. Reading further down in the forum and you can find that the lack of a self-finished edge hasn’t curbed the enthusiasm of several MFA customers.

Customer Reviews of Mott & Bow

Either Mott & Bow has an amazing press team or these jeans really rock, because you’re hard pressed to find anything but glowing reviews of their men’s denim. Reviewers at The Style Guide, Paul Evans, and even Business Insider offer up the opinion that Mott & Bow are likely the most comfortable men’s jeans ever made.

As we mentioned above, blended comfort fabrics aren’t anything new to women’s denim. After all, we have “jeggings” made from sweatpant material. However, Mott & Bow does promise to offer that perfect point of compression and stretch.

That being said, customer reviews of Mott & Bow’s women’s denim are equally glowing, with women remarking that the high-rise style was surprisingly giving in the waist while retaining shape.

The only criticism was of the women’s slim boyfriend style, which one reviewer said wasn’t a true boyfriend fit, and wore more like a skinny jean.

Bottom Line on Mott & Bow?

Hovering at right around $100 per pair, Mott & Bow denim are certainly more expensive than a pair that you’d pick up at Target or Macy’s.

On the other hand, based on what we learned during our research, it seems like you’ll get what you pay for with Mott & Bow, including high-quality fabric, fashionable designs, and an exact fit.

Looking to switch things up from your standard jeans brand? If you’re not on a tight budget, Mott & Bow could deliver exactly what you need.

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  • Disappointed in customer service

    I just ordered my first pair of Mott & Bow jeans yesterday and have already run into a problem. When I added the jeans to my cart, I also added a "try on" size. Although there was a "try on" size showing on the page, the cart still showed 1 item, which I thought was normal since you are not paying for two pairs of jeans.

    When I checked out the system it made me create an account, which I did. After creating the account, I notice on the checkout page that it listed my pair of jeans but there was no mention of the "try on" size, nothing that said "try on" size: blank; just no mention at all. Since I had never used this site I before I assumed (which I take responsibility for) that the "try on" size just didn't show because the cart showed one item and you don't pay for "try on" sizes.

    I placed my order, and when I got my confirmation, it showed the jeans I bought but then it had, "Size: No try on size." Customer service closes at 6 pm Eastern Time, which my order was placed after that, so I sent an email immediately asking if they could add the "try on" size prior to shipping. I have yet to receive a response to my email, so I decided to call this morning. I was basically told it was my fault and there was nothing they could do; that if the jeans didn't fit I would just have to return them, which they charge a restocking fee for because I only bought one item (restocking fees are charged if the full order is returned).

    I am going on a trip which I wanted to bring the jeans on and although I understand I can reorder the jeans in a different size if these do not fit, I do not have time to wait for a second order. I honestly felt this was an easily resolvable matter on the merchant’s end, but apparently, customer service isn’t a high priority here.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Nov 28, 2018

      Company Response from Mott & Bow, Inc.

      Hi Brittany, thanks for the review. We're sorry for the confusion with the try-on program. You will see the option to add a try-on pair to your order right after choosing the main size (just look for the drop-down menu below the main sizes and next to ''Free Try-On Size''). In case you want to modify your order during non-business hours, please send us an email and we'll make to sure to do our best to accommodate all the requested changes. If you place the order during business hours and need to make any changes, please contact us within thirty minutes of placing your order to make sure we catch it before it ships (+1- 855-798-9009/ help@mottandbow.com). Let us know if you have any other questions, we're always happy to help.

  • Poor sizing & fit, poor service.

    • By Jakob,
    • NC,
    • Dec 13, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer

    I am a bit of a denim nerd and I had heard a lot about Mott & Bow, mostly positive when I ordered my first pair. I purchase mostly raw denim but was hopeful this could be a nice "comfy" alternative. They're pretty well constructed, unremarkable in a good way (no fancy thread colors etc) but their sizing is quite inaccurate. I currently measure a 34 in my waist but after trying on two pairs of these in 34 and 33, they were still off by quite a bit. However, as I went down in waste, the leg opening in the thigh area became very constricted. I am an athlete and these are apparently not made for folks with athletic built. They look quite odd in the thigh area if you get the waist size right. Overall, they are just not very flattering jeans.

    Most disappointing however, is their service. They're pretty slow to ship, even slower to exchange, and they count the refund period from your original order date so in my instance, they had to make an exception to accept a refund even though I had received my exchange just two weeks ago. And I had to pay the return shipping. This kind of service policy isn't very competitive in today's service-oriented market.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Nov 28, 2018

      Company Response from Mott & Bow, Inc.

      Hi Jakob, just following up with you. Since your review, we've launched new styles that we're confident you'll love. Take a look at our Straight Wooster and Broome dark blue jeans. Both of these styles will provide that extra comfort you're looking for the thigh area without compromising the waist area. Let us know if you have any other questions and we'll be happy to help. P.S. We include a return prepaid shipping label on every original order.

  • Horrible service

    • By OK,
    • Minnesota,
    • Feb 9, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I'd give them zero stars if I could. I returned two pairs that I got for Christmas because they were too large. They sat in the box on my dresser until I could ship them back. Mott & Bow stated that they smelled and would not be accepted. Now they are charging me $40 to ship them back to me.

    It is a company with awful customer service. I'd buy from anyone but them. The bottom line is, if you buy from them and encounter an issue, you are screwed.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Nov 28, 2018

      Company Response from Mott & Bow, Inc.

      Hi Minnesota, thanks for the review. We apologize for this bad experience, which is definitely not reflective of our service. Could you please email us to help@mottandbow.com? This review doesn't include your email or order number, and we'd like to contact you and make it right. Thanks!

  • Not for me.

    • By Jon,
    • New York,
    • Feb 22, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I ordered the first pair of jeans. I tried returning them, and they stated that I couldn't because I used a discount code. When I called their customer service, I spoke with the same two people. The jeans were terrible quality.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Nov 28, 2018

      Company Response from Mott & Bow, Inc.

      Hi Jon, thanks for the review. Could you please confirm if the code applied was ''final sale.". This is the only code for which returns are not allowed. Let us know.

  • Poor quality, poor customer service

    • By Jill Trehub,
    • Boston, MA,
    • Mar 9, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I purchased jeans as a Christmas gift and the zipper broke after the third time wearing these jeans. Mott & Bow would not replace the jeans, and offered to refund $20 instead, and asked me to find a tailor and fix them myself.

    I was extremely disappointed that they would not stand behind their product and replace the jeans. They were defective, and they should have replaced them. These are expensive jeans, I would not typically spend $100 on a pair of jeans, and would expect to wear them more than three times.

    They have poor customer service, and they have lost my family as a customer.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Nov 28, 2018

      Company Response from Mott & Bow, Inc.

      Hi Jill, thanks for your review. We use YKK zippers, worldwide known for their great quality; we're sorry you had an issue with them. Since we don't have a repair service, we provided credit for you to take them to your local tailor, we offered this option as it's faster than waiting for a replacement, and it's also an easy, inexpensive and quick fix. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • Worst service ever

    • By Jason,
    • Apr 14, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    While the jeans are of decent quality and they have some nice washes, it is simply not worth the time and hassle of going through the rigmarole of finding the right fitting jeans. Their jeans do NOT fit true to size, nor do they offer a detailed fit guide like most other online companies.

    One pair I received was tagged a 29 x 30, and the actual measurements were 31 x 29. When confronted about this, the customer service rep stated that there are "shrinkage tolerances" and was neither apologetic nor helpful about getting the right fit.

    Since this pair was already an exchange (the first pair I ordered in a different style didn't fit right either), I had to pay out of pocket for the return shipping. On top of this, they use slow standard shipping. The process of receiving and returning my order took well over a month!

    I ended up returning everything and asking for a refund. They said they would do this once they received my return, which was several weeks ago and I haven't gotten anything yet!

    I finally e-mailed them back today, and they said my request is being processed and I'll have my refund by the end of the day. How convenient. We'll see if that happens. In all honesty, I feel like they wouldn't have given me anything had I not contacted them.

    I have never dealt with such incompetent customer service in my life. Mott & Bow claims that they offer a fair price on their denim, but be prepared to pay the remainder with your dignity.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Nov 28, 2018

      Company Response from Mott & Bow, Inc.

      Hi Jason, thanks for the review. We're sorry to hear about your experience. This is not common in our service. Could you please email us to help@mottandbow.com? This review doesn't contain any information on how to contact you or your order number. Thanks!

  • Not a fan of the $12 fee

    Took a shot in the dark with ordering jeans online. They fit very tight, and material was different from what I saw online.

    Here is what the cost is if you don't like the jeans:

    Total Order: $113.20.

    Shipping Cost: $7.00.

    Restocking Fee: $5.00.

    Total Refund: $101.20.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Nov 28, 2018

      Company Response from Mott & Bow, Inc.

      Hi Matt, thanks for the review. Please keep in mind that the $5.00 restocking fee is charged once on the whole order, if and only if the entire order is returned. Also, the restocking fee is waived from returns made for store credit. Let us know if you have any questions, we'll be happy to help.

  • Beware

    • By Ana Nguyen,
    • Atlanta, GA,
    • Oct 5, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I was really excited about buying these jeans. And with their program, you can pick two sizes and return one, which seems like a great deal. However, the jeans run a little bigger than what you would normally buy. So both of the sizes I chose were wrong.

    I emailed them for an exchange and got charged $7. After a week of waiting, they emailed me saying the jeans didn't meet the requirement, meaning I can't exchange it. If I want the jeans mailed back, it'll be a $40 charge including labor fees.

    Just be careful with the sizes; it's better to get it right the first time if you don't want to go through all this.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Nov 28, 2018

      Company Response from Mott & Bow, Inc.

      Hi Ana, thanks for the review. When using our home try-on program, we recommend getting the same size you normally wear on other brands and going one size down for the try-on pair. We also recommend keeping the pair that fits a bit snug at first because all premium jeans give in about half a size with wear. The $7 charge corresponds to the standard shipping costs for main orders. We always cover return shipping for main orders and outbound shipping for exchange orders. We hope this helps clarify. Let us know if you have any other questions, we'll be happy to help!

  • Shady unethical practices and unauthorized charges

    Do not order from this company. I will make sure everyone knows.

    I loved their jeans after my initial order. I placed a second order for $253 for 3 pairs of jeans, and I was charged 3 times without my consent or authorization.

    They are thieves and do not make things right at all. Their solution was to insult me by offering a coupon code for 20% off a future purchase. My bank account is still missing almost $900 because I was charged 3 separate times. They say they issued 2 credits but 1) they never advised me of 3 charges nor were authorized as there was no reason for 3 charges and 2) the money is still not in my bank account where it belongs.

    Their service is horrible. Grace is the thief, Diana from "customer experience" doesn't care at all. They are a disgrace. Not worth it if something goes wrong as they don't care! Lesson learned and I will let everyone know about their horrible shady practices.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Dec 5, 2017

      Company Response from Mott & Bow, Inc.

      Hi Marina,

      We're glad we could solve this case in your favor:

      1. As we previously explained, we made a mistake on charging one of your orders twice (duplicated order). Nevertheless, we found and amended the mistake immediately (meaning, a full refund was issued right away after the charge was made). In regards to the third order, this was a backorder which was cancelled and refunded on your request.

      2. We verified that all these three credits are now back in your bank account, so we're all square.

      Once again, we express our deepest apologies for this misuderstanding and guarantee you that we never meant to do you any harm. Contrary to this, our aim is, has and will always be to help our customers and work our hardest to ensure their satisfaction.

      We look forward to serving you again in the near future.

      Warmest regards,

      Mott & Bow

  • Inconsistent quality, sizing, and customer service

    • By Sydney,
    • Los Angeles, CA,
    • Jan 6, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    I never go online and write bad reviews, but my experience with this company has been so frustrating, and I do not want anyone else to experience what I did. I ordered the Janes in size 26 and 27. The 26 fit but was painted on and not flattering. The 27 fit beautifully, but there was an issue with the dye. The seam on one inner calf was bright white, which really stood out against the dark dye. There was also a dye issue along the seam of the pocket.

    These issues were not present on the size 26, so I notified the company and they said they would send a replacement. I was so pleased with their quick response. They said all I had to do was drop the package off at FedEx and they will send the new ones out as soon as they receive it. Easy returns as promised on their website.

    I brought the package to FedEx in the original box it was shipped in, however, and was told by FedEx they do not accept that packaging. I was told it had to go to USPS. I dropped it off at USPS.

    A week and a half later I had not heard anything, so I contacted the company. They said that there was a delay because somehow the package ended up at USPS and had to be picked up by FedEx and then shipped to them. Uh yeah, FedEx didn't accept the package.

    So finally the new package arrives. I excitedly try on the 27s. They are HUGE at the waist. At least two sizes bigger at the waist, same fit through the legs, and SAME DYE ISSUE on one calf. I contact the company saying I must have gotten a bad pair because of the drastic size difference. I then had to suffer through 12 back and forth email exchanges with two different people telling me that, "In regards to your comments, since all the jeans are handcrafted (no jean is exactly the same), there could be a slight variation from one to another in size terms." When I clarified that the variation was not at all slight, I was told: "Please bare in mind that as stated before all the jeans are handcrafted, so slight variations in size are normal."

    Clearly I was not being heard. Another part of the back and forth was the customer service asking me FOUR different times if I would consider a store credit at this point. Each time, in a very kind way, I told them no. They continued to ask. This was all after they said they will not process an exchange on an exchange and left me no other option (I understand the policy, but this pair was REALLY off in size, so this seems silly and it's not my fault, quality control missed this glaring mistake).

    I was finally told, "Once we receive them and our warehouse department determines they are in pristine conditions, your request will be fulfilled." The word "pristine" reads a bit passive-aggressive, no? I then had to pay $7 in return shipping and believe I will also be charged a restocking fee on jeans that should quite frankly not be restocked due to the sizing issue. So I'm out $13 and a lot of time.

    At the time of writing this, I have not yet received a refund, though I expect to soon. I was told the refund had been initiated before I mailed the package but then received an email saying they got the package and aren't sure if I want a refund or exchange. Aside from the fact that I was told the refund had been initiated, I had also been told that an exchange was not possible. I also declined a store credit four times.

    My opinion is that this whole ordeal has been such a huge waste of time and money. There are many other companies out there doing the same thing as this one but with much better customer service and policies. I have learned that promptness does not equate to good customer service.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Jan 10, 2018

      Company Response from Mott & Bow, Inc.

      Hi Sydney,

      On behalf of the team, we offer our sincere apology for the misunderstanding and mishandling of your case. We usually take pride in offering a premium customer experience and we are sorry we did not deliver. A full refund (no deductions were made) has been processed. Additionally, we added a store credit to your M & B account in case you decide to give us another try in the future. We certainly hope you can give us another try.

      Thank you so much for letting us know about your case. Regarding the shipping situation you encountered, it must be a new FedEx representative that did not have the correct information, as the same transaction happens hundreds of times a week without any issues. Nonetheless, we are sorry you experienced this problem. Let us know if we can be of further assistance.


      Mott & Bow

  • Don't ever buy their products or you will regret it!

    I normally don't write reviews, but they got me this time.

    I am so beyond in disbelief that they're still in business. First of all, it's a terrible product. And you'll regret it the moment you'll try it.

    But that's beyond of what I experience. It took a month and a half from the time it was ordered to the time I got a "partial" refund back.

    Yes, you will risk not getting a full refund back!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Feb 19, 2018

      Company Response from Mott & Bow, Inc.

      Hi Lilian,

      Thanks for the feedback. We're sorry about your bad experience. You are right in that we were delayed in your refund. The reason that happened is we contacted you to offer a free exchange, so we could help you find the right product. We waited a few days and after not receiving a response we proceeded with a refund. Again, we regret that our outreach was misunderstood. We invite you to check your spam folder to corroborate the legitimacy of all the information provided above. Please let us know if you want to give us another chance, we'd gladly love to help you out in any way we can. Call us at 855-798-9009 or send us an email to help@mottandbow.com.


      Mott & Bow

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