Mirror Workout System Review: A Detailed Look

By Lydia Noyes
HighYa Staff
Updated on: Jul 14, 2020

The Mirror home gym brands itself as a versatile piece of fitness equipment that lets you follow a variety of fitness classes from your living room.

Designed to look and act like a standard mirror when not in use, Mirror boasts a high-tech screen that displays your exertion level and calorie-burning potential based on your fitness profile and the biometric data you provide by wearing a Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

They offer over 70 live-streamed classes each week, and subscribers have the option to watch thousands of others on demand at any time.

The device boasts opportunities to receive real-time instruction from leading NYC instructors, and you can connect with friends and track your progress over time.

In this article, we take a look at the important details to help you decide whether Mirror is a home fitness system worth investing in.

  • Relatively cost-effective compared to the competition
  • More discrete than most fitness gear
  • Options for both live and on-demand classes
  • Won’t work without a subscription
  • Must pre-pay for a full year of membership
  • Might not be fundamentally different than exercising with a TV for many people

Specs and Features

When not in use, Mirror operates as precisely that — a mirror. It is composed of a 52-inch by 22-inch screen that weighs 70 pounds and comes equipped with speakers and an embedded camera and microphone.

All that’s needed for working out is some floor space and possibly weights or resistance bands, depending on the class you choose.

Mirror could be mounted on your wall or propped up with a floor stand. You’ll need to position it within six feet of an outlet, and the company offers a “white glove installation service” to ensure a smooth delivery (for an additional fee).

You control Mirror through the companion iOS app (an Android app is in the works), which means that you won’t smudge the mirror surface by touching it.

The point of the design is that you can see both yourself and the instructor during workouts, meaning you can continuously check your form and monitor your exertion level.

When you first use Mirror, you’ll need to set up your fitness profile by reporting your height and weight and any injuries or limitations that affect your training ability.

It’s possible to customize almost every part of the workout, from the type, length, instructor, and even music choice.

Trainers offer you detailed instructions, and Mirror uses a proprietary algorithm to provide you with text-based tips in real-time to boost your performance.

Mirror is compatible with Bluetooth speakers. Spotify Premium members also have the option to stream playlists from Mirror during their workouts.

A Bluetooth heart rate monitor is included, which lets you track the time spent in different heart rate zones and monitor your performance over time.

Once your workout’s done, Mirror will enter sleep mode within 15 minutes of non-use and will only reawaken once you start to use the app.


The major selling point for Mirror enthusiasts is the access it provides to boutique-quality fitness classes. Mirror offers the following class options:

  • Barre: Strengthens and tones your muscles with moves that pull from ballet, yoga, and Pilates.
  • Boxing: Learn boxing form and master high-octane boxing combinations.
  • Cardio: Get your heart pumping with high-intensity, interval-style, boot camp, and low-impact cardio class options.
  • Pilates: Build your core strength through classes that focus on alignment and your breath.
  • Strength: Build up your strength and improve muscle definition, both by using your bodyweight and incorporating resistance bands and dumbbells into each move.
  • Stretch: Increase flexibility and reduce muscle tension with these full body stretches.
  • Yoga: Follow along with traditional Vinyasa flows or power up with athletic yoga flow classes.

These classes range from 15 to 60 minutes and they are rated in difficulty from level one to four.

When you play a class, Mirror trainers will demonstrate each move, offer guidance about the proper technique, and strive to keep you motivated throughout each session.

The Mirror screen will share how much time you have to rest between exercises, what’s coming up next, and whether you will need additional equipment for the next moves.

If you include your height and weight information in your profile or are wearing a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, Mirror can track your calorie burning and exertion level in real-time. It will let you know when you should pick up the pace.

Each Mirror class is live-streamed from the company’s NYC studio, and all previously recorded classes are offered on-demand after they are filmed. You can check the app to see the upcoming schedule of live classes.

During live classes, you can send motivational emojis to others who are working out, and the Trainers might call out your name during class to keep you motivated.

Pricing and Warranty

Mirror costs $1,495 and requires a $39 per month subscription to stream content.

All subscribers must commit to a one-year membership when they make the purchase. You can create up to six users per subscription.

Your purchase includes a wall-mount and stand.

The delivery and installation fee is $250, though the company often offers discounts.

Mirror orders come with a free Starter Pack, which includes Mirror-brand fitness bands, a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor, and a free Care Kit that consists of a camera lens cap and Mirror cleaner spray.

Mirror offers a payment plan to make its purchase price a little easier to handle. These plans range in their cost per month, and they allow you to pay off the device in three, six, or twelve months at 0% APR.

Mirror comes with a standard 12-month parts-and-labor warranty, and you can request a return or refund within the first 30 days of delivery, minus shipping charges. The warranty only covers Mirrors that were professionally installed.

Analysis of Customer Reviews

Here are key takeaways from customer reviews across the web:


  • Fun to use
  • Classy décor item when not in use
  • More engaging than traditional video workouts
  • Appropriate replacement for boutique fitness classes
  • Lots of weekly live classes
  • An excellent option for those with limited space


  • Too expensive for benefits
  • Poor delivery experiences
  • Slow customer service responses
  • Can’t fully replace social interaction of in-person fitness classes
  • Internet connectivity problems
  • Watching your reflection can get distracting

Popular High-Tech Fitness Alternatives to Mirror

Mirror is just one fitness option out of many that are available today for a high-tech home workout experience:

Mirror Echelon Reflect Tonal Peloton Cycle
Base Equipment Cost $1,495 $1,039 (40”) or $1,639 (50”) $2,995, plus $495 for accessories $1,995, plus $159 for accessories
Monthly Subscription Cost $39 $39 $49 $39
Workout Type Yoga, barre, cardio, boxing, strength, stretch, Pilates High-energy cardio, yoga, strength, core, meditation, Pilates, and boxing Strength-training exercises Cycling
Live Stream or On-Demand Classes? Both Both On-demand Both
Possible to Perform Exercises Without a Subscription? No No Yes, but a subscription is required for the first 12 months. Yes

One of the closest equivalent products to Mirror is the Echelon Reflect. This tech-integrated mirror lets you access both live-streamed and on-demand fitness classes from home on a device that blends into your décor when not in use.

The Reflect comes in two models (only one is a touchscreen) and has the same monthly subscription cost as Mirror. You can also save by pre-paying for membership for up to two years.

The subscription cost for Mirror is the same as Peloton and less than what you’ll pay for Tonal. However, you’re more locked into a subscription with Mirror than with any of the competition, as you need to commit to paying for at least a year.

Keep in mind that if you choose to cancel your subscription with any of these other companies, you will still own a spin bike or weight lifting machine. Cancel your account with Mirror or Echelon Reflect, and all that’s left is a pricey mirror.

Likewise, Peloton has expanded its content offerings to include strength training, outdoor runs, yoga, meditation, and cardio classes. This means that Bike owners gain access to these classes with their monthly subscription through the Peloton App.

The Bottom Line

Working out with Mirror offers something unique by allowing users to see both themselves and an instructor at the same time.

The service provides many options for live classes and displays your biometrics in real-time to keep you motivated.

Group-class enthusiasts report that Mirror gives them a challenging workout and makes scheduling in exercise easy due to the flexibility and variety of classes.

Mirror instructors also won points with participants for their personalities and ability to keep them engaged in the workout.

Many people reported that they liked controlling the device through their smartphone, though they wished it was compatible with voice commands.

If you prefer live classes but struggle to fit them in your schedule or need the motivation of a fitness machine that stores all your workout information in one place, there’s nothing else quite like Mirror available.

You can follow similar workouts by streaming classes on a TV, but it won’t store your fitness information in the same way.

Lastly, keep in mind that you’ll be locked into a subscription fee for as long as you want to use Mirror. Once you stop paying to stream classes, you’re left only with a pricey piece of décor.

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  • Poor customer support - bad delivery!

    • By Bridget D.,
    • Chicago, IL,
    • Dec 10, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    We ordered a Mirror and set up delivery to our home, it was delivered to our office instead. The driver set it up in our reception area because the office personnel signed for it before knowing what it was and then left the installation incomplete. We tried to call and email the Mirror company over the last two days with no response. If this is what their customer support is like and I have to work with them to take classes then I want to return the product. I submitted an almost identical product review on their website and it has yet to post. Feels like a company I don't want to conduct further business with.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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