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  • Terrible feedback from therapists.

    Overall Experience:

    This is probably the biggest ripoff service of its kind. The therapists will typically ask you a lot of questions, but never give any sort of tools or information on how to cope with things. They sometimes don't even reply but once or twice a week when you are paying a lot of money per week for their service. I tried them for several months, and all I did was waste hundreds of dollars.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Dec 22, 2017

      Company Response from BetterHelp

      Hi Derik, thanks for your review. Were you able to let your counselor know about your communication expectations? We find that this helps you and your counselor get on the same page. Every counselor has a different style, so we're sorry to hear that you were not able to find a good fit for you on our platform.

  • If you're in a vulnerable place, please avoid this app

    • By Vee,
    • Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
    • Dec 26, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I'm going to try to be as concise as I can, which is a huge task because, boy, do I have a few gripes to pick here.

    First of all, the customer service.

    I kept seeing ads about a 7-day free trial (which makes sense because no one is ready to spend $180 USD per month without making sure they'll get something out of it). The ads we false. There is no 7-day free trial. I did receive one after asking about it, but the point is why is this false ad still going around?

    Then when I realized I wanted to stop my plan altogether and cancel my account (for reasons I will get into in a minute), there was no option to do it in the app. So naturally, I emailed customer service again and asked them to cancel my subscription. They forced me to ask my counselor to do it. Now, without disclosing too much about my condition or why I used the app, confrontation, plus the prospect of having to excuse myself, plus give reasons why I don't like someone's style of counseling is a trigger. Yup! It gave me a panic attack! An app that was supposed to be a safe mental health space.

    Second of all, the reason why it didn't work for me.

    I tried two different counselors over the span of the month subscription I paid for and IMMEDIATELY, I caught the problem. I saw the pattern. On both occasions, I felt like I was being rushed, or like my case wasn't being treated seriously enough, or with the same urgency that I needed and felt. I didn't feel like my counselors cared or were taking the time or really understood what I needed.

    I have come away from this app feeling even more hopeless than when I tried it. That's because I went in full of expectations and came away feeling like maybe I am beyond help or care, which is how the counselors made me feel. I am actually more suicidal and crushed then I was before I paid all that money with a heart full of hope.

    I even question if I'll ever feel happiness. This app, and online therapy as a whole, was my last resort to start trying to recover from rock bottom.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Dropped for being "in crisis."

    Overall Experience:

    Great for neurotypicals with basic problems. Any possibility of ever experiencing a crisis situation? Look elsewhere.

    I thought things were going well. My first counselor was sketchy and useless, but my second one was fairly competent, giving me lots of advice and very successfully supporting me as I worked through the rough patch I was going through.

    While I understood that BetterHelp does not help with crisis situations specifically, what I didn't know is that they will not tolerate clients experiencing any form of crisis. As a matter of fact, they outright abandon them. My counselor suggested that she may not be a good fit because she was having trouble finding time to communicate with me due to the holiday schedule, which is understandable. I asked who to contact and what to ask in order to get a more qualified counselor due to my diagnoses, but she never specified. Instead, after I admitted once again to struggles with suicidal ideation, going into detail about some of the delusions I had been having, I tried to log in the next day only for the website to claim that I did not have a valid account. In my email account, I find that the money was refunded on my PayPal account as well.

    Finally, after discovering my account was gone AND having the money refunded, someone bothered to contact me, determined that "online counseling may not be the best resource for you," and sent me a link to PsychologyToday so I could "consider scheduling an intake with a licensed counselor who can provide [me] with in-person counseling in [my] area."

    I don't understand why their counselors are not trained to hold the hand of their clients through making an appointment with a proper counselor. I do not understand why the crisis situation that I was in meant that the best course of action was "cut and run," though I can see the presumed liability involved. However, due to the fact that people with any kind of mental illness can reach a crisis situation, that makes this business incredibly unsafe for anyone who might need their services. Every single client currently enrolled in their services may one day experience the feeling of wanting to end their life and, if they risk sharing it with their BetterHelp counselor, they may find themselves with even more reason to back the idea that no one cares if they do it.

    I am disgusted by the lack of compassion from a company that claims to help the mentally ill. I do not see how dropping clientele entirely will somehow "wipe the blood from their hands" if the client does decide to end their life. All I see is the potential for them to destroy the lives of thousands of people because they will not support them at their worst. A company that plays into the stigma surrounding suicide in a way that is not only careless, but outright dangerous.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • False advertising

    • By Hannyle,
    • France,
    • Dec 30, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    BetterHelp proposes a service of life coach for US$65 a week, your membership will be renewed automatically, and you can cancel anytime (the ad says). Truth is, you pay the whole month (US$260) up front and you can cancel, yes, but you have already paid them a month. It’s false advertising.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Jan 12, 2018

      Company Response from BetterHelp

      Hi Hannyle,

      Oh no! When you signed up and created your account, we provided the information about how your subscription would work, and that by enrolling, your selected subscription plan of $65 USD/week would be charged monthly. I do apologize if you didn’t get a chance to read this information when it was presented to you. All members are notified before entering in any payment information. I'd be happy to pass along your feedback to our Development Team so that it is more clear in the future.

  • Don't waste your money

    • By Ivan,
    • Bangkok, Thailand,
    • Jan 3, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    The ad given for this app claims that the price is $45 US per week, then as soon as you register they do charge you $180 US immediately, why can’t you just advertise you like it is $180 US a month? Also in the ad, the counselor chats with you in real time like you chat with a friend in WhatsApp, but in reality, it is not.

    The first counselor that was assigned to me made it very clear he will answer every three days. His answers were impersonal and short, so I asked to change a counselor. The new councilor definitely took time to read my messages, but also always answered just in one sentence just to keep the conversation going; no advice, no reference, and no information. Better save for a real therapist.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Jan 12, 2018

      Company Response from BetterHelp

      Hi Ivan-

      Thanks for your review. When you sign up, we let all members know that they will be billed monthly, and apologize for the confusion. You are able to schedule a live session at any time with your counselor on the platform so that you're able to speak in real time. You can do a live video, phone, or live chat. Thanks!

  • Review of

    Overall Experience:

    This website says that you can cancel your subscription yourself at any time by logging into your account. This is not true; you cannot cancel your subscription without asking your counselor about it. This is not disclosed prior to registration. Also, there is no information about refunds or a minimum number of months prior to registering, which is sketchy to me.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Jan 12, 2018

      Company Response from BetterHelp

      Hi Elisabeth,

      Thanks for your feedback. The counselors on BetterHelp are licensed professionals and put in considerable time and effort to review your case and begin communication with you. The cancelation process allows for you to leave valuable feedback about your experience that helps the counselor reflect and possibly even work to make improvements in their practice. Additionally, clients quitting without any notice to the counselor may cause counselors alarm or worry.

      There is no minimum number of months you need to subscribe to BetterHelp, and can let your counselor know you'd like to quit counseling at any time!

  • BetterHelp did not make me feel better

    • By Mel G,
    • Singapore,
    • Jan 10, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    Proceed with caution. I wished I had come to an external site for a review of BetterHelp before signing up with them.

    I just finished one-month counseling with a counselor on BetterHelp. I came out angry and frustrated at the counselor and my issue not resolved.

    I found my counselor to be superficial and inauthentic. Yes, he sent me lots of messages (every day or every other day), which sounded nice at first instance, but every time it is the same pre-written copy-and-paste message.

    I went into counseling for my procrastination issue, but I received general messages like "I understand your anxiety and stress issue" multiple times with no mention about how to deal with procrastination. From a scale of 1-10, I think I read the words anxiety, stress, and depression 9 times as opposed to procrastination. If I stayed on longer I think I might start to believe I have anxiety and depression issues!

    I was given worksheets to work with, and I did them diligently, yet the counselor came back with all flowery, kindness messages (which is fine), but no reference back to what I have written and no real advice. It is as though he never read through the given worksheets which details my issues and it was just summed up as "I understand you have a lot of suffering."

    Am I being brainwashed here that I have a lot of suffering?

    As with some other reviews I have read, the counselors are just out to get good ratings, and they don't really care.

    And I agree, better save for proper one-on-one counseling.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Jan 12, 2018

      Company Response from BetterHelp

      Hi Mel, thanks for your feedback. We're sorry to hear about your experience. While you're a member of BetterHelp, you can change counselors at any time in case your current counselor is not a good fit. Counselor styles vary, and it sounds like this may have been a case here. Again we apologize and thank you for using our services.

  • BetterHelp is no good. The counselors are never available.

    Overall Experience:

    I needed to find a way to speak regularly with a therapist as I have been dealing with a lot of depression lately. I enrolled in BetterHelp and used the little money I had saved for my health to do so.

    After three weeks, I have had two counselors who were completely unresponsive to me. The first one never showed up for our Live Health session. And the second canceled only one hour before.

    The company promises that you can have "unlimited" sessions, but this is a false claim because each counselor only makes available about one session per week, and then if you schedule them, they cancel on you (or just don't show up).

    I don't normally write reviews, but this is serious. This company is taking advantage of people who need to talk to someone, and who need help. It's unusually cruel.

    DON'T get caught in this trap like I was.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Jan 26, 2018

      Company Response from BetterHelp

      Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your review. We're very sorry to hear about that. All counselors have different schedules, and we're sorry you weren't able to connect. If you need any further assistance, our Support Team can help you at

  • Overall, I feel like I was scammed.

    Overall Experience:

    BetterHelp is not upfront about their payment system. They will charge you $45 a week for the first few weeks, and then $25 a week afterward. They will also CONTINUE to charge you for SEVERAL weeks AFTER you cancel!

    When you fill out the cancellation form, there is no confirmation that your subscription has been canceled. I filled out the cancellation form three times, but my therapist continued to send me automated messages checking in with me, which is what tipped me off that I was still being charged.

    I reached out to their support team, and that was where I found out that I was still going to be charged for several more weeks after I canceled.

    If you don't use the service for a week, you are going to be charged $45-$25 for a bunch of generic messages from your therapist.

    I think that this system could work for people who want to have therapy sessions multiple times a week, if BetterHelp was a little more upfront about their system of taking payment.

    Overall, I feel like I was scammed.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Jan 26, 2018

      Company Response from BetterHelp

      Hi Selene, thanks for your review. We're sorry to hear about your experience. You should receive a message after you cancel with your counselor that your subscription has ended. All members are notified of their subscription before they enroll and can access billing information at any time in their 'billing settings.' If you need any further assistance, please email us at

  • Can't cancel your own subscription.

    • By Stephen,
    • England,
    • Feb 6, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    The counseling was good, but when I came to cancel, the system told me you couldn't do this on your own. Your counselor needs to send you a link to cancel the subscription, and until they do that, and you have completed it, you are considered to still be subscribed.

    I've never come across any firm where I can't cancel my own subscription; this is definitely dodgy and a scam.

    Also, they quote you a weekly charge but don't mention they will charge you a full month in advance. Essentially, they are crooks.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Charged but did not have a session!

    • By Melissa,
    • Toronto Ontario, Canada,
    • Feb 17, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I joined BetterHelp for the second time for anxiety/depression issues. The first time I joined, I didn’t have the best experience, but the second time was even worse.

    I joined, and they matched me with a therapist who would message me random questions about depression and would take forever to respond to my answers. And when she finally did, it was a one worded response. Anyhow, I decided to cancel before even having a session because I wasn’t getting the support I expected. They would only provide me with a partial refund because they compared there membership fee the same “as my cable bill.”

    Horrible customer care for individuals seeking help for mental health. Don’t waste your money! Many people out there want to help, but BetterHelp just takes advantage of those in need.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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